Monday, 27 October 2008

Great Grand Prizes Giveaways

Ooh gosh! How much I wanted to go see Elton John's concert. This winter he is going to have his Red Piano Tour in Paris. Read it, right? PARIS! Ooh yeah, one of my dream place to visit and who knows this could be my chance. I would definitely in to this contest. But how exactly I join? Lets all find out by simply visiting the website as they are the proud sponsor who will generously give all this grand prizes to win in which includes two top tickets to see Sir Elton John tour. What more there is also a staggering Golden Circle tickets and that come with an amazing evening meal on the night of the show. And a lot more to offer such as two nights accomodation at a top 4 star hotel in paris. This will all happen because of bet365 Bingo who are so kind to sponsor such amazing prizes and giveaways. So, for more information and details just log on and visit to

Elton John Tickets Up For Grabs at bet365 Bingo

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The trip will take place on the 9th-11th December, so the lucky winners will have plenty of time to take in the famous sights in this most thrilling of cities: the Eiffel Tower, the Lourve, and of course the fantastic shopping.

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So if you fancy a bit of "Crocodile Rock" while you're "Still Standing" then don't live your life "Like a Candle in the Wind". Get yourself down to the bumper bingo room at bet365 where you've got a great chance of seeing a fantastic concert and spending a couple of nights in the most romantic city in the world, just in time to do some serious Christmas Shopping!

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Got a New Uniform

I just literally got back from work and oh boy how tiring my day was. It was kinda busy today because I think most people did their halloween shopping. I had a terrible headache all day but still manage to finish my hours. Glad to be home and feel relief that I don't need to get up early tomorrow. My daughter is still on school holiday so, that gives me a little rest from getting up early in the morning and its my day off so, I might take a trip to the shops and do a little shopping for myself. Haven't done any shopping lately or bought anything apart from a new black top on Saturday. I see there are loads of cool stuff this fall and I wanna buy some purple top as well to wear this coming friday at work as it's required for our halloween staff celebration. I might grab some thermal undies too to keep me warm.

Anyway, I got my new set of uniform today (actually, all of the staff got their new uniform) so, by Sunday I can wear my new uniform and I am too excited about it since it has different style and colour. Ooh, I think I like our new uniform as it has a better design and cut compare to our previous one. So, I am quite happy to wear it and I might take some pics to share later on.

Anyhow, I wanna thanks everyone who keep dropping here and also entrecard droppers, thanks a lot too.

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Home Brew

Do you love home brewing? Are you looking for an affordable home brew and yet a fine and high quality? Then, you should be thinking of visiting as they have all types of home brew products. Do you know that home brew can save you loads of money and still can impress you friends? If you fancy making your own red wine or beers or perhaps coffer or etc then, homebrew4u is the place where to get started. I have always keen to try on how to make some wines. So, maybe this is a good time to learn plus halloween and christmas is past approaching so I could perhaps persuade myself to do so. Having said that, my in-laws are very fan of home brew but never seen them actually making one but I've heard their about to update their wine home brew kit. I guess I can give them this site and surely they would be so happy browsing it all through. Or, I could buy one for them as our christmas present, what do you think? Is it a great idea? So, if you fancy to learn new skills like home brewing then you should be thinking of buying starter kit for now. Shouldn't you visit homebrew4u? Go and give it a try? Who knows, by Christmas you'll be ready to share your great achievement.

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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Our Friday and how's yours?

I went work working today and didn't finish until 7:45 pm. Work was fine and was excited when finishing up for I thought the husband will be there outside waiting to pick me up. But, what the hell happen? I waited for 10 minutes but no show. So, I decided to just walk home despite of the dark and freezing weather. I was like flying because I was a little scared walking all by myself. Gladly, there were loads of street light and plus cars driving passed on me in which I felt a little safer.

He rang soon after he realised that I was not there in the usual place where he picked me up. However, I was on the road and since I was angry I refused to talk to him (rejected his calls). Imagine, he rang like 100 times until I reached home. I was totally angry and I tell you when I am in the really bad mood, the hubby will not dare walking near me or he'll lose his balls. [LOL]

Anyhow, I got home safe and sound. I quickly send my friend home whom babysit my kids while I was at work. Then, I told hubby to picked up my sister in-law from the town soon after she dropped off Bea and Nicole. Sis in-law decided to stopped by for a cup of tea before going to her mother's place.

Moreover, my son got his first serious cut tonight and that from playing the sharpest knife we have. He was in pain and bleeding. Daddy tried to make him feel better by applying first aid but it just made him feel worst. He scream right after Daddy wipe the antiseptic because it probably make it more painful.

Anyway, my daughter made us all smile when she decided to have a ballet show tonight before her Auntie Amanda went home. So, now we are all fine and I made up with hubby. I thought being late for 10 minutes or so ain't a reason to sulk for the whole night. It's always better to make up before bedtime, isn't it? Alright, gotta love you and leave you all now for I need a good night sleep for tommorow I will be off working again. Have a good one!

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Thursday, 23 October 2008

My Handful Guest

Meet Charlie, he is my brother in-law's dog. We had them for a week few months back and boy how handful he was. Aside from snoring loudly (in which our neighbors heard) he also this problem of being a sex maniac, lol. He is a good dog but just quite a handful for me especially with my son who is very protective of me. He doesn't want to share mummy with a dog. CHarlie is probably the same age with my youngest which is nearly 3 yrs old now. They always fight together with the food. Charlie tend to eat my son's food and I'm just too scared that he might bit my boy's lil finger. So, after a week I was kinda relief. He didn't do any damage but I was scolded when he poo at someone's front garden. So, I am gone of having a dog in the future. It's just too tiring and a hard maintenance not so different with a child. So, I think my 2 kids is more than enough for now.

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Monday, 20 October 2008

Birthday Layout

My little girl is turning 7 very soon and I am super busy organising her party. We plan to invites all her classmates as it'll be their last year being in Infant School. Next year they'll be moving towards primary school and they may not be going to the same school too. So, we thing it's the perfect time to throw a small party for my little girl and invites her friends and classmates. Plus, it's a big birthday as she is turning 7 yrs old. Whatta big girl! So, here I made a simple layout for her. An online invatation card.
credit can be seen here

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I may need a Payday Loan

My sister is now still in Emergency Room suffering from a long labour. She is due of giving birth to her first child and yet still in ER. She has tons of prescription but the problem is, they are short of cash. I sent some contribution not long ago but she asked for more back-up this time because of the thousand prescription she has to buy. I am not sure where to get a cash from. Our payday is not until in the next of couple weeks so, I am thinking to just get for a Quick Payday Loan as it is for emergency usage. I really need to help her out despite of my financial situation. I can always pay the loan when my paycheck arrive. For now, all I can think is to have the cash and send it via electric wiring. I hope she can hang on and everything goes well for her and the baby. I can always find more cash later. The most important thing for now is, my sister's safety and of course my nephew. Too glad, there is a quick payday loan. I better go and start my applicaiton because the sooner the better.

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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Fave Quotes

"We choose how we see people. When we want to like someone, we can be so tolerant. When we want to be irritated by people, we focus on their faults. It's not other people's behavior that determines how we feel about them, it's our attitude."

Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that you do not have value. Jealousy scans for evidence to prove the point - that others will be preferred and rewarded more than you. There is only one alternative - self-value. If you cannot love yourself, you will not believe that you are loved. You will always think it's a mistake or luck. Take your eyes off others and turn the scanner within. Find the seeds of your jealousy, clear the old voices and experiences. Put all the energy into building your personal and emotional security. Then you will be the one others envy, and you can remember the pain and reach out to them. ~Jennifer James

The envious die not once, but as oft as the envied win applause. ~Baltasar Gracian

Envy slays itself by its own arrows. ~Author Unknown

“Envy eats nothing but its own heart”
German Proverb quotes

more envy quotes here

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My Little Girl

see my credit here

I finally made a collage pic for my little girl. I been longing to do this a while aog and only got time last night. Anyway, I am trying to make another one since she was just a tiny baby soon after I've done the picture scanning. Only that, digital camera back then was not as popular like today. So, I tend to used the film better 7 years ago, lol.

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Saturday, 18 October 2008


Cutie, originally uploaded by Haze_UK.

Here's my son with his hoody jacket. He is not sure a camera shy. In fact, he is sometimes nagging me to take picture of him whereas my little girl can be so hard sometimes. She has this behaviour little madamme behaviour. Anyway, I enjoyed taking pictures of my kids. So, here proudly showing my cute little boy.

Friday, 17 October 2008

John Wu is one Lucky Bear

Believe it or not but he sells his blog with a staggering sum amount of $15 million. Joh WU is the sole owner or Bankaholic where he write about all sort of financial tips and services. Search his blog and you'll see what I am talking about. This has been the talk of the nation because everyone is amazed the fortune behind his bankaholic blog. His blog entries are all about econony and very well authored so, no wonder bankrate is desperate to buy it. John Wu must be very lucky aside from being smart he is also a very good negotiator.

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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Beautiful Day

Originally uploaded by Haze_UK
This might not be a good shot but sure a pretty one. I went walking with my little girl during our summer visit to a family in Plymouth. The entire pier was amazing and with a restaurant that is overlooking to the sea nothing more I could ask. It was very refreshing and relaxing day for us all. My daugter and I had a great time strolling around the pier and of course I enjoyed taking pictures too. Here's a snapshot of my little girl before she finally get so grumpy of me for taking too many shots, lol. She rather enjoy having fun that being told to pose.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Our Plymouth Trip

Mahangin sa Labas, originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

Here I am, striking a pose after pigging out a big plate of food. I decided to have a stroll around the entire pier with my daughter until hubby had to come after us because the oldies wanted to head home.

Father & Daughter, originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

My mag-ama is here striking a pose for me. It was one hot day in August and it happen that we were at the good place for taking photos. This day we visited a family who are based in Plymouth and luckily it was such a beautiful day so, the whole lot went for a group lunch at Mount Batton. It was quite a good place to eat plus the over looking view to the sea. The kids sure enjoyed running around and climbing the fences out there whilst me enjoyed taking photos the whole day.

sail boats, originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

These are few of the sail boats during that day. They were all out and sailing and was taking advantage of the good weather. We rarely get one, you know.

originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

Here is a picture with my son too......He likes riding in my back, for him it's kinda game and what he didn't know is he is too heavy for me already. But isn't it a nice picture?

Good Website for my In-law

My in-law has a Nylon gun holsters and not only one but three. He's even thinking to buy more and I tried to play with it sometime when we go visit them. The older one he gave it away to my nephew because he thought of buying a new one this christmas. I think I could help him with it by suggesting the USA holster website. Not only he gets thier outstanding products but also ge gets a great deal since they are now offering a 10% extra off in all prices. He could get good benefits out of this site plus everything he needs for his gun accessories can be purchase at their own website too in the same deal and prices if not less. USA Holster sell good and top quality gun accessories and tactical holster. So, this would be a great website for my in-law to hang around as he is a kind of guy who like to spend time looking for guns and other men's toys. He'll sure be delighted to know the USA holster site though I would be popular to my mother in-law because she has already got hard time taking him out from computer, how much more when he knows all about USA Holster. Ooh dear, I better let hubby tell him secretly.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Super Blogger, thats me!

I am overwhelmed after receiving this super blogger awards from a great online friend gwapsy IVY...It's quite flattering all the good things he write about me on her blog. Thanks you very much gwaps for passing this super duper lovely award to me.

Now, passing this beautiful award to the following no particular order.

1)Francine - she is humble, workaholic, great wife and has multiple blogs and yet managed her time well.

2)JennyL - This woman is unbelievable after owning several blogs, she has yet a new one added to it all. What more is, she is such a good photographer, great digital scrapper and overall very active in all the tags and meme's.

3)Mahal Kaau = Love her hair, love her fashion and style, love her blog and when she make entries, its not just an ordinary writing but she put all her heart to it. Also, she always includes loads of photos.

Okay, grab it guys or you'll be shot gun! [LAUGH]

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Dual Colon Cleanser

You looking for the best herbal cleanser? So, I suggest you may visit the dual action clease website as they offer a great $drop down pricing plus a free shipping in every 60 day supply. If you are maintaining a detoxic cleansing then dual herbal cleanser is the asnwer. I can assure you that once you tried the product you will use it again and again. As we all know that colon treatment is so vital as it helps to maintained the wellness of our body. It is the most promising detoxifying cleanser solution as it helps us get rid of our accumulated waster that builts up a colon. I believe and will suggest to everyone who are determine to stay well all the time. I should buy some for the hubby as he has been suffering a sever stomach pain every now and then. He has to helo rid the waste that stock up on his intestine and built up some pockets that gives him so much pain in the stomach. Too glad, I found dual action cleanser product and their website. I will surely ordered one soon.

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Christian and Freddie (Cousins)

Christian and Freddie (Cousins), originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

Many said that Christian and his COusin Freddie has a lot more similarity. Only that Fred's hair is so light (blonde) whereas my son is very brown. But as to Imelda (a pinay who work with hubby's brother) Christian is Fred's darker version. But for me, I can't see the semilarity unless when they both are smiling.

Half-Term Break Plan

Just had conversation with hubby tonight regarding travel and holidays. He knows that I so badly wish to go Venice in Italy as well as Switzerland and France. Switzerland is a little easy for me since it doesn't require any visa's at all. I think its because of its standard of living cost. They come the first most expensive country to live so they don't worry too much for people to come visit and overstayed as they can't afford to. Meanwhile, France is my other dream country to visit as much I dream to visit Venice. According to hubby, it's likely we visit France first as it is just easy to get a cheap ferries to france these days. There are loads of special deals and that we could easily afford. The only problem would be is, I have to apply entry visa for me to be able to board across the channel. Ooh well, the saying is absolutely true "NO PAIN, NO GAIN". So, I just hope I can get visa that quickly as we originally plan to go during my daughter's half-term break between Oct 26 to Nov the 3rd. I have already done my application and I just need to drop it to the post office to get to the French Embassy as soon as possible. This is the time when I wish that I have my British Passport. Ooh well, I will have to wait and see.

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Need New Duvet Set

I have been browsing some new duvet set online and luckily I stumble to the most promising website. We are desperately in need a Duvet set since the last time we bought was about a year ago and I already get bored of the colours. After a year of using neutral colour I find it a bit too much and I should give a little bit colour to our bedroom. So, I decided to pick one of my favourite colour and this should enhance the look of our bedroom.

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Monday, 13 October 2008

Poker Supplier

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Tantrum (Terrible 2)

Tantrum (Terrible 2), originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

I finally got time to upload this video to my Flickr account. I am planning to upload more videos as I have so much in my computer.

Anyway, here is my angry son because he didn't get his way. He wanted to use the camera but we didn't let him. After the incident of our last camera (when he dropped it) we decided he is not old enough to touch any. So, he thrown tantrum instead (typical 2 years old). This is what they called "Terrible 2".

I hope he grown out of it soon. Its getting a little bit too much already. According to my in-law's the earlier its start the better. But how come my son still have it and he is hearly 3 years old.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Death Certificates Search free

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Way Too Expensive

My friends brother and his family came over to visit her here in England. They were not that tight of money when it comes to signature handbags but were shocked how pricey our food here and etc. They even complaint the taxi's charge for just 3 minutes ride they were asked for £30. They said England is way too expensive especially when they went for grocery shopping where a £100 pounds is just a basket of meat. They said in America it can be their weeks of food already. I think part of it is, they converted everything into Dollars that is why they find it too expensive. Just like when I was new here in England I find everything too pricey especially a £10 top. But now, I'm used to the prices here. But really, I agree to my friends brother and family that England is way too expensive country to live. Imagine, a 4 bedroom house let say, 100 square meter garden will cost you £400,000 to £500 or maybe more depending on locations. And that is only with tiny bedrooms and gardens whereas in America, my friends brother said that they own a 5 bedroom house that only cost them half million bucks and yet their rooms are thrice the size of her sister's whole pad. WOW! How massive! A 100 sq. meter times 3. Whew! Makes me wanna move to America, hahahaha. So, they convince my friend's husband to make it to America because they have a better lifestyle over there compare here in England. If only that easy!

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Personal Loan

It is obviously crisis and for sure there are loads of people are affected of this terrible situation. There is no way out yet, to survive we need some back-up in times like this all we can think of is how to survive. Luckily, personal loans online offers great help to all of us no matter what our financial situations are. They guarantee a Personal Loan to every applicant. They are fast, easy and offer excellent service. Meanwhile, we can just check their website for further information. So, now that there is an alternative solution to our financial problems and way out from money problem at personal loans leader they give us nothing but the best service they could offer.

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I stayed up late last night just to scrap

and here's a result, only done one layout after all that hours I spent in front of my Lappy. I can't believe it took me hours to complete a simple layout, lol. I was supposed to scrap an invitation cards for my daughter's coming birthday party but was not sure the design and colour I'm gonna use but I promised myself to do it tonight before going to bed. Hay, I keep putting it off.....

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Area Code Locator

I have a friend who had a baby with an American guy but left her for another woman. Now, she badly need his support as their child will soon start school and she could not bare the fact of being a sole provider. She's trying to find him but no luck for years now. I asked the full name and maybe we could find him via locator code. Find Area Codes through area code locator and on that way it would be possible to find him quicker. Who knows! She has to keep on trying and maybe the luck will be hers in the end. Should visit the website for further details.

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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Sunsent in Devon

Sunsent in Devon, originally uploaded by haze26.

This sunset pic was taken during our summer break in Devon England (southwest part). That where we usually go for a family summer break because that is where hubby use to go when he was a child. That is actually their family tradition because that where his mother grew up. Until now, hubby's Grandmother still live there on her own at the age of 94 yrs old. So, we always try to go their once or twice a year if not more. I love it there because it is more countryside and peaceful especially in Silverton village where hubby's Granny lived.

There are also tons of B&B's where we can stay at a very low prices. Granny can't accomodate us because of our 2 noisy children and she likes her peace especially during nights. She has a 3 bedroom house but she is too old to have someone stay at her house especially with childrens. So, adults are welcome but children are not, hehehe. They will disturbed her peace. But she love my children to bits and always spoilt them everythime we're there.

So, this is one of my many pictures of sunset at Devon. We were driving all the way through the City and witness the so rare beautiful Sunset. So, I quickly took snap of it. Isn't it cool? I didn't even need to edit pure so natural.

Next trip will be to Wales

I hope sometime next year we could visit Wales. That is our plan before we go abroad we have to explore the whole Britain first. Britain is not that big place. Only consist of four country which is England, Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland. Only one State in USA. That how small our Land territory however, there are loads of great tourist attractions especially when it comes to Historical places. In Wales for instance, loads and loads of things to do when you get there. Also, one of the fine accomodation is the Tenby Self Catering Cottage. It would be really ideal for us because we got 2 kids and self catering is one great superdeals they've got. So, if we will go Wales then there is no need to look any further to find great accomodations as celtic haven will surely provides us the best one. So, we go to Wales and lets enjoy the whole holiday with a great cottages to stay.

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Roman Bath

Roman Bath, originally uploaded by haze26.

Finally, we made it to Bath City in Sommerset. We were supposed to go this place last year but didn't because of some family problems. So, this year in our little summer break-away we finally made it. I was glad because it has been one my list of places to see. Now, I can tick the box.

Anyway, it is a beautiful place indeed where you can see the actual and natural Roman Bath and its steaming. I was to tempted to jump in but unfortunately, its not allowed. It's a great thing to keep and a good tourist spots too. Imagine, this has been running for at least 2000 years. How amazing! The bath water is come from the mountain (a nature spring). I had felt it and it's really warm and is so clear as crystal. It only shows green because of Algaes. Also, seen some great and amazing stuff during Roman times and how they treated people as their slaves. But I guess, that is only a history. Fascinating, really.

Active Directory Management

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If you have an online business then you are advised to have an active directory tools or AD. Because, it does give a variety of functions including the ability to provide information on objects, helps organize these objects for easy retrieval and access, allows access by end users and administrators and allows the administrator to set security up for the directory. A lot of benefits having and Active directory especiall if you are working in a large corporation or organisation as it gives you an easy update in all end users computers with new software, patches, files, etc simply by updating one object in a forest or tree. It does make a great difference to your work and less time comsuming too. So, visit the best active directory in the world wide web.

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Our Eldest

Cute as a Button, originally uploaded by haze26.

Here's my little girl that soon will be turning 7 yrs old. She is most of the time a very good girl and as we always said (me and hubby) that we got so lucky for the first time as she is all-in-all a good baby girl. We got no problem of her as she is more independent and fast learner. She has been always acting like a grown up. I guess there is something to do being an eldest child.

During her potty training, it was just automatic and straightforward. She may had few times mishaps but that was all it and she's totally in control of herself. She was only 2 yrs old when she was completely out of nappies (dry). Then she started attending playschool at the age of 2 and a half where she kicked out Daddy from her classroom (poor Daddy) because she want's to be with her teacher and classmates. Only few times Daddy had to sat down inside her classroom then after she prefers Daddy to be out of her sight, hahahaha.

Now, she may have times that she is rebellious which I expect her to be as it is part of growing up but I still think she is way too good compare to most kids at her school. She knows how to clean up her bedroom thought not everyday but at least she is learning which makes me really proud of her. We sometimes fight (natural for a mother and daughter) but we also make up and have hugs. I find her annoying sometimes as she likes to do things her way (not following me anymore) and that is a big deal for me. I think, I am just scared because she is growing up and that she will seek for her independence and freedom. Sad but true, she'll surely get to that age (as we all do). I just hope she still listen to me though otherwise I get insane, hahaha.

Well, as I said she is good girl most of the time (85%) which is very rare. We're lucky indeed!

There is always a "WAY"

We are now economically so down and that many people seems to struggle more and are worried about losing jobs, not able to provide their daily needs and etc. It will get worst before it gets better, that is for sure. At work I always read newpapers and I found out that there will be millions of people will critically lose their job and its so worrying. What if you will be one of those people, or I would be the one of those people. I just hope it would not be my husband or it would really ruined our life. Some people may had already suffer bad credits and are worried they could no longer are qualified for another loans or borrowing money. But hey, worries no more for there is another way. Try visting and read on about their bad credit credit cards offers. It surely help most of us who has very bad credit score. are just a great helping hand and sure help us stand up to own feet once again. Visit now!

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Great Surprise Gifts

Last weekend we went to a ball. The super POSH party I have attended so far. It was held at Marriot Hotel in Heathrow London. Hubby already inform me few weeks before but I was not too keen on going for I know it'll be all high profile people will attend. And to know that I actually don't know anyone and that's a terrible thing. Hubby tries to convinced me for the whole week that I should come and it will be all fine. All the airlines big bosses will be around and business owners or business shareholders. I could not dare talking and meeting them, I got no nerves.

To make me come, hubby bribe me with a pair of new shoes. He is such a naughty man. He knows my great weakness, hahahaha. Before he came home last Thursday he rang me up and said that he had a surprise for me which I would love to have. Since, he work on the Heathrow Airport he could just go shopping in her break time as there are loads of shops around. When he arrived home, he handed a big shopping bag and I was so keen to get my hands onto it and see what exactly his surprise for me. And it was a Shoes. Not just a an ordinary shoes but a Kurt Geiger shoes. Oh my, oh my! he said I deserved to be spoiled sometimes, lol. Yay! Gipa-anad gyud, tagbaw tawhana bah.

Anyway, these are the dresses we bought for the ball and I actually wore the black & white one. Every time, we're going to party, hubby always buy me new dresses. To make sure I have choices. How sweet! Meet the big people and actually they told me I look wonderful. So, that made hubby proud. They (women especially) said, that hubby is such a good man.

which one you like better?

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