Saturday, 13 September 2008

A Surprised Gift

Anyone might say why on earth I got new camera again? Yes, I still have my DLSR (Canon 400D) but I wanted a smaller one that I could use sometimes if ever I am not in the mood of carrying my DLSR and lenses. I had a sony cybershot w70 and in fact I've got two of it but both are not working. I mean the other one is fine on taking photos during day time since the flash got broken after being run down by a car. I carelessly dropped it about few months ago and unfortunately it got smashed after a a car run it over thoroughly. Hubby tried on fixing it by buying another broken one through ebay and swapped the flash to make it work but it actually got worst, lol.

My sony w70 - flash not working

I didn't make a fuss because he just bought me DLSR last Christmas. But just on thursday he came home late but had a surprised with me. I was utterly surprised and overjoyed. He bought me this Canon IXUS that has 8.0 megapixels and has a larger LCD screen and much nicer than my Sony W70, quality wise. I was speechless and of course so thankful. He should be the one who'll get a suprised gift as he is the one who works hard for the family. He even stayed up late most of the night but still he thinks of me and the kids all the time. He is indeed a family man and a great husband in the world. So lucky to have him as my lifetime partner, bestfriend, father of my kids and so on.

This is the LCD screen looks like, larger than my previous one.

front view

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Stev&Emz said...

wow thats so nice sis! thoughtful kaau ang imong bana oi. kabalo dyud siya kung unsa ang imong gusto. =) salamat sa paglabay sa akong mingaw na payag ha.. boring man kaau magbasa anang drivers handbook oi. wa ko ganahi. hehehe.. sultian nako ang akong bana pwede ikaw nalang magbasa para sa akoa.. maminaw lang ko nimo. hehehe... ambot nalang basig next week ko mag take tapos wala pa ko katunga sa handbook.

Utah Mommy said...

Hubby of yours must love you so much Haze you are so blessed for having him, yet you are not bragging how happy you are with your hubby and your kids but i can tell already. Just keep smiling and be happy ignore those people that are trying to pull you down, it only means that you are above them and they are totally envy of what you have, especially your valuptous body. just want to tell you ang mga masuya nimo mamatay lols!

texas_sweetie said...

ayayyyyyyy lagubo napud new cam nato gatz? ako na unya nag madaot ha? padagani gyapon sa sakyanan kay para maako? haha prehas man ta mga membro sa danghag oi kay last namu camera naligsan pud buak worst pa jud kay naligsan pa natumog pa jud sa gatas ni inday kay nagtupad camera ug ang bbron..

au au diha gatz ug show me some more cameras pls!! haha

Yen said...

Ka sweet,Haze! Pero kailangan man jud naa kay gamay kay bug-atan man jud sad ko sa DSLR usahay bitbit oi:D hehe Just dropping by!

Shabem® said...

Naa pod koy Canon na P&S. Lately mas ganahan ko ug dala sa gamay. Kapoyan pod ko bitbit sa DSLR gyud. Naa gyud time na gusto nimo handy lang. Dili kay always looking tourist permi hehe..