Sunday, 7 September 2008

Summer does not Exist

That is what I always say to myself so I don't get too disappointed about the weather. You can ask british people about the weather here in Britain and they'll sure tell you all about it. It's crap, miserable, wet, cold and boring. Summer? It never exist. Imagine this year we only had few days of sun and the rest is wet, no wonder it become the most wet summer in the history. Rain never seems to stop! Oooh well, I can never stop complaining about it and you can't blame me for sure. Bare in mind, I grew up in a hot, dry and humid country. Anyway, so much for this rant, I better go to sleep now.

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1 comment:

rissa said...

na maau mo walay summer. kami dri kay summer 75% of the whole year. maong tan na kaau, lol!