Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Poor Hubby

Hubby stayed up so late on Monday night just so he could be here to look after the kids while I go work. So, I let him sleep all morning while I got our daughter to school. My friend Bea was not able to babysit Christian because she has to do some cleaning. I screwed up hubby's meeting schedule but I don't have choice since I can't cancel my work because I am planning to get another 2 days holiday this half-term break.

Anyway, I just feel pity to hubby because he decided to get his work done all night and was so knackered afterwards. But there we go, we managed it all. Now, its tuesday and I am free until thursday. I only work part during mondays and fridays 10 hours a week. I am just lucky that hubby is there for me whenever I need him. He has done so much to make my life easy. So, tonight I would let him sleep early so he can catch up those sleepless nights.

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Ritchiela said...

Ay kabuotan sa asawa!

genny said...

You have a nice hubby Haze and you are blessed....anyway got you a blog award....Thanks.