Monday, 29 September 2008

Our Filthy Old Pad

Last night after our dinner before heading back home we decided to stop by our old pad to get some stuff. Also, hubby was measuring the bathroom as we are about to refurbish it by next week. I was feeling a little emotional because since I got here that is the place where I live. Now, its really looking tired and filthy and its badly need a renovation and cleaning. I know we will be doing it before renting it out. Just a month ago we called some window installer company and they came over to evaluate the cost of replacing our windows. We didn't like the result as it came out too expensive and we knew that he is about to ripped us off if we pursue the plan. Gladly, hubby is a smart cookie otherwise we could have spent more than we should. So now, we are still looking for a better window installer. I found out about contractors USA and their website had more little details and as I read it through I find it quite helpful and maybe will suggest it to hubby and he could see and decide. We had some people do the bathroom by next week and carpet replacement as well as repainting the whole pad. Oooh, the window is so badly need some replacement. It's getting old and dirty and I'm sure people who will rent our pad would be so happy if we replace the windows. We just have to be careful and wise and find the best and affordable window installer. Contractors USA might be the one.

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