Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Nagger! Am I?

Every morning me and my daughter always have a fight regarding in getting ready for school. I always told her that she has to be in the school at 8:50 am but sometimes we get there 10 passed 9 already and it's embarrassing to be the only one who always come late to her school. I pushed her to eat quicker because, my god naman, she is slow as snails, I tell you. She is like a baby tasting her first solid food. Imagine, it takes her 30 to 40 minutes to finish just for the bowl of cereals. Yeah, I get so stressed and I end up shouting at her. She is on the age (6 yrs old, soon to be 7) to start being rebellious already. So reminds me during my days. I think I'll have to be more patience and maybe get up early too. We usually get up at 7 in the morning and yet we manage to get most of the time. Bare in mind, we had to walk to the school and it takes us at least 20 minutes to get there. School start at 9am but teachers advised us to be there 10 minutes before. And it is really a challenge for us but I promised this year to be more on time. So far.....we are doing well and hoping we will keep our time up.

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Shabem® said...

Nindot ug mo follow gyud cya sa schedule Haze aron maanad. Joshua gets up so early before I roll out of bed, so wala ko nag problema kay perti ka excited everyday. Ambot lang since ika 4th week pa man pod niya. Basin kapuyan unya ug madugay na cge adto school hehe...
Then iyaha eat ug buntag yogurt,eggs or waffles. Dali rana kan-on plus eat pa pod cya sa cafeteria ug gusto niya. Push Kath pa gyud hehe..