Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Mitral Valve Repair at UMM

Okay, lets talk about sensible thing here. I just wanted to share about mitral valve. Do you guys familiar about this ilnesses? A mitral valve (also known as the bicuspid valve or left atrioventricular valve), is a dual flap (bi = 2) valve in the heart that lies between the left atrium (LA) and the left ventricle (LV). I like to think that there aren't many people who suffer such illness. But if you know anyone who may be suffering then you should suggest for a mitral valve surgery or the best thing is to see their Doctor and see what they would suggest before it get worst. However there are loads of alternative regarding treatment on this illness like mitral valve replacement and such. If you wanted to know more about different types of mitral valve repair then you should go visit be it for treatment or any other purposes like studying about it or anything like that. It is a good University that truly offers a wider help to anyone who need their hand. All you need to do is see a Doctor and make an appointment then the rest will follows.

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