Friday, 19 September 2008

Macro Shots

I am only good at still life photography. But when it comes to insect I am just as bad as a baby, lol. I am still learning everyday and I am trying to concentrate more on my hobbies these days that is why I am not updating my blog as often as I used to be.

Just a couple weeks ago, I bought this sunflower because it was reduced to £2.99 from £9.99. And it takes couple weeks before it dies too. The rose is given to me by my daughter. My mother in-law was picking roses and Kath pick two as well just so she can give me flowers after my work. She is so sweet as candy. So, I took some photo using my Macro Lens. Gladly, it came out well. Hubby really love this shots.

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Edele said...

hi haze! Wow..ur getting good at macro shots. I love those photos.