Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A friend who is desperately in need of Cash

Yesterday, after dropping my daughter to school on our way back I met my friend who just arrived back from their summer vacation. They went to Phillipines for nearly 4 weeks. We chit-chatted for an hour in the cafe while having breakfast. I had my son with me who is so loud and noisy. Before I went home she asked me if she could borrow at least £1500 from me. She just need to send it back home for her Father in-laws medication. It is desperately needed soon or he'll get worst or could end up his life. Only if I had that sort of money I wouldn't doubt lending it to her but infortunately I am just as skint as her too. I suggested that why not she get a Personal Loan? That is the most obvious solution as to these days that almost everyone are affected on credit crunch business. Everyone suffers from debt problems or money shortage and etc and it is impossible for her to find a friend that could lend her that sort of money. She is working full-time in a hotel and for sure she is qualified of Payday Loans at anytime. Best leading lenders offers a low rate in any loans and are willing to help anyone who needs cash. That is what my other friend did when they bought their new family car couple months ago. They just applied for Car Loan and in less than 24 hours they receive the cash directly to their account. Simple as that! Loans are the best options to any financial problems.

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