Monday, 4 August 2008

Were Surviving

Back years ago when hubby and I lived in Philippines we were once extravagant and end up in debts. Glad, there were saviours on Earth and that I can'nt mention his name but sure is a family related. Hubby was volunter Christian Missionary who serves poor people in Philippines especially in Cebu. He help them through his own money and he was not earning anything by then. After living in Philippines for couple years we had to make a comeback here in UK where he can work and earn money. Gladly, hubby still own a pad where we lived for few years. Despite all that struggles and trials we still have each other's arms and it makes our relationship even more stronger. All this time, I have been living here in UK with hubby and our children, we never tried getting payday advances as we are extra careful of our daily finances. Right now, we just moved in our new home and probably spent thousands of pounds for new furnitures. We are just blessed for all God's bountiful blessings. We dont have a lot but we are more than OK. But I know that there are several people who still struggles for their basic needs in life out there. But they should not lose hope and continue thriving for there are always ways on how to live, earn, and survive. Visit they are great helping hand for short financial purposes or cash emergency.

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john said...

Hi, Thanks for the visit.
I can't believe that you had money troubles, I thought that was more my style! Have a great week!