Monday, 4 August 2008

Weekend Recap

Saturday, I was working during the morning and finish exactly at 12 noon. Hubby and the boy picked me up and we just went home and did some organising whilst the girl was having fun on the beach with her uncle James, Auntie Sarah and Oliver. About half passed 6pm we headed to my Mother in-laws place to pick up Kath. She had a lovely time for sure. We had dinner first before we headed back home. Sunday, I had breakfast with my kids and husband before went out to my girly shopping with friends (Bea and Millicent). It was just so nice to have a girly times without the children in tow. I had a great time shopping with friends and bought loads of dresses, tops and shoes. We are planning for another day out without the kids sometime next week. I think we are all enjoying it. After all, we (the Mummies) need a little break from kids. We indulged ourselves with tons of ice cream after the whole day shopping before headed to the bus station. We left after the mall was shutting. It was a fun day indeed.

Now, back to reality and back to working to refill the empty wallets after the big shopping spree.

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Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Mommy Haze...

Haha...ok sa shopping spree. Ako medyo lang and I was with the little one and the husband. Actually yung asawa ko pumili ng ibang damit kasi siya naman ang may gusto ng bagong wardrobe for me eh....hahaha...

Thanks for the hop and the drop...TC