Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Time Flies!

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It seems that it was only yesterday when I have my 2nd child but to think about it it was really 2 years and 7 months ago. My son was weighing 8 lbs and 23 inches monday morning at 10:45 on the 16th of January 2006. It took me nearly 5 hours from pushing before I pop him out. It was so hard and painful that I almost agree an epidural for I could not bare the pain anymore. There was about 3 Doctors and 4 midwives attending my labour and almost decided that I should go C-Section. I tried many different position you named it all and only when I stood up leaning to my husband's arms the baby started to pop. That was extremely a hard delivery. But after all, he's all worth it (my cute son). Though he came out with a cone head and very gray as a result of long pushing as you can see through this collage pic I made as a souvenir of his birth. He was not a great looker baby. In my first glance I thought what ugly baby he was but few days later he changed a lot and grown into a very cute and handsome boy on earth.

This is my gorgeous boy at the age of 2 and a half years old - very cute, good looking and smart. He takes after his Daddy and definitely inherited the good sense of humour as well as the brain. He is rather a bruiser though. But my eldest is just truly a sweetheart.

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rissa said...

unsay ugly Haze? kacute ana nga baby o. ingon nila ang babies usually don't look their best pag bago pang anak kay nahiwi sa pag utong, lol! pero maklaro naman jud na gwapo c christian gikan pa pag gawas o. i'm not sure if i'm just biased but my babies are always pretty pag gawas nila, lol! ok i guess i'm biased. haha! have a great week ahead!