Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Got a Super Duper Wireless Connection

Since we moved here in our new place, we have troubled getting an internet connection. Hubby set up mine first before him just to make me happy because I missed chatting with my sisters and close friends online for few weeks now. Although we are out a lot as we are going into places to enjoy and have fun and yet I still missed my online world. So, hubby had to do something about it before I get so pissed off. [LOL]

Ohh yeah, I had my wireless connection before in our old apartments and we thought we can get a good use of it as we had before but unfortunately we cannot - its too slow. Therefore, hubby decided to just order another wireless from Virgin Media but it took days before it get to us - and so he bought one at the nearest store for just £30 to use as a temporary whilst waiting the new one to arrive. As quickly and excitedly he tried to use it through his office so he could get a connection for me to be able to finally watch my filipino soap online as I missed too many episode already. But, it still didn't work. Its slower than ever.

Finally, yesterday the ordered arrived and guess what? It is the same as our first wireless. What a pain! Hubby had to rang them and told them if we could return it and get a refund. Luckily they said "YES" - at least we could get our money back, you know £50 is quite a lot. So, hubby had to go out and buy one yesterday soon after he arrived home from work. And he bought this super duper wireless that cost him £200 and now the internet is working fine, finally. There is this saying that, you get what you pay in life. Now, we are trying to sell these 2 other wireless on ebay for the hope we could get our money back as well.

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