Monday, 11 August 2008

Pushchairs makes our life easier

I had my first child born in the Philippines and there things are so different from here. I had pushchair but we don't use it as much as we do here during my second child. Its because in Philippines there were loads of people or family who prefer to carry the child rather than stock them in a baby pushchairs. It may sound strange but that is the nature in my country. But here when you have a child you are even advice to have a proper pram where the baby can lie down flat as it is good for their back bones. My second child we spend quite a lot on pushchairs as we are trying to buy different kinds of it. One is for travelling with a cot, the other one is for walking at rough roads. We also have one that is for short distance trip and now his latest one is design for toddler. Whereas my daughter had only two baby pushchairs and yet didn't use it that much. I had a friend who just had their baby and I met them today. She asked me about where to buy the best baby pushchair. So, I told him about babythings4u website that offers great baby pushchairs that has a design for every baby. I hope the next time I'll see them they will tell me how great my recommendation is. Actually, they not only sell baby pushchairs but also travel cots, high chairs and etc. So, if anyone wanted a further details please visit now.

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