Friday, 1 August 2008

My Sis and Dyca (my Niece)

I had this photo grabbed from my sister's friendster and was not sure who the little girl was until I asked my other sister about her. She laughed hysterically and said, don't tell me you don't recognised our niece Dyca anymore? I said, oh well, she looked so grown up now and when I left there she was only a little baby girl who were bald and cheeky. Now, she grown so much bigger and prettier too. So, I was just wondering and making sure it is really her and not that spoiled brat in our neighborhood who I disliked a lot. My sister just laughed instead. [LOL] Now, I believe how time flies! I will be old and dribbly before I know it. Ok, off to work now! See ya guys later. Have a safe Friday!

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