Monday, 4 August 2008

It's a Bummer!

Hubby's PC is not working until in two weeks time. I could not do my scrapping, photo downloading and etc. I am so annoyed about it and I have so many photos to share and I wanted to do some layout as well. How irritating! I can't wait to download all the pics I recently captured until hubby's internet connection will work. I could do layout through my laptop but I could not be ask to find my hard drive where I save all my files such as scrapping kits, photos and such. It's really a bummer! Perhaps I should find my hard drive and stop being so lazy bum here. The thing is, I could not be bothered but complaints about for not able to do so. Ohh well, I have to get going now and make some breakfast for the kids before they wake up otherwise they'll get grumpy.

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