Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I think we Should....

get a direct tv to get the best of our sattelite. Hubby just upgraded our satellite box from 1 to 2 box and pays £20 less than before. They have promotion and we avails in it as we are an old clients. The kids uses the other satellite box upstairs and we use one downtairs so we dont need to watch the same channel everyday. But, what we should get as I keep telling hubby is a direct tv so we could watch many good channels anytime.

Direct TV is a providers that offers a great direct tv packages and services. We could have get the most advanced sattelite dish but hubby said we could always change it soon as we settle in our new place. Or perhaps the next year would be a good timing as we are going to buy a new house at Sutton. For now, we just have to be contented on what we just bought. Direct Tv offers loads of channels to wacth such as sporting channels and etc. From basic to sattelite to the digital DVR and a lot more amazing and super duper high definition HD tv. There is nothing to look for but direct TV at What are you waiting?

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Stev&Emz said...

hay.. pangit naman ang directv karun oi. naka nindot lang kay naay TFC kaya lang pag regular channels gani.. puro shopping ang channels makalagot. tempting kaau bah. hehehe.. oi haze i got something for you in this link check it out ok!!