Friday, 22 August 2008

Dead Mouse!

Damn! My mouse just went completely dead and I have to buy one soon otherwise I'll get totally insane using this mouseless lappy. Ohh well, I should get use to it because this is what laptop are for. Blame it to the hubby for he bought my mouse in the first place. My mouse already has its life after a year servicing me. So, I better investigate a better one next time. I'll see what I can get and of course what I can afford since I am skint after shopping for few days with friends. I might even go shopping again tomorrow with SIL (sis in-law). I better get going now otherwise it'll be another sleepless night and I don't want spotty face again this weekend for the sake of my pictorial. [LAUGHS] Sounds like PRO....charrr!

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1 comment:

texas_sweetie said...

first basa naku sa title nimo ba gatuo ko PATAY NGA ILAGA in literal meaning..kaingon ko KABAHO KAHA KAY PATAY GUD? ILAGA PA JUD haha..

ana jud gatz bahala mabuslot debit card basta shopping,mahirap hihindian ahhh tagaliig palaka na ha.

about dropping..whoaaa kapoy kauuu dropping jud i tell u that..pero no choice man pud b kay wala man pud opps ug sanko langit RR.. mao ug mubo rr bintaha man kay naa jud pud mahimo above 10..pero dakponon pud kau oi whoaa hehehe pobre alindahaw man gud gatz mao naning au