Sunday, 24 August 2008

Corrupted Files

If you guys asked about our weekend then I would probably say its superb! We had blast weekend fur sure. Yesterday, we went down to Brighton City and had a good stroll around the shops and even managed to buy myself clothes. Hubby treat me to CK stores and so I bought two tops from there. Went to Pilot since it has still a summer sale. I was grabbing anything I like since the hubby was telling me he'll pay for it. I truly enjoyed my shopping spree. Then we went to the seaside and had a good couple of hours playing around. All we could do is throw little rocks on the water as it is very cold and freezing. Then we headed home with a big smile on our face. I've taken loads of good photos from our trip and unfortunately it got corrupted during downloads. Even my photos today from our trip down to Amberley (where PIL lived) was even included. Now, hubby is trying to recover some of it and I hope it works or I'll not be a happy wife otherwise. Right now, I am furious for not being careful. I just love my photos this weekend, I really do but if I lost it all then I can't do anything anymore. Its not the end of the world after all. [SIGH]

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