Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Out of Town

I won't be able to update for few days because we will be going for a short family trip to Devon and won't be back till Monday. So, I'll see you guys then.....have a great weekend ahead! Thanks for always peeking!

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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Time Flies!

More Collage Photos here

It seems that it was only yesterday when I have my 2nd child but to think about it it was really 2 years and 7 months ago. My son was weighing 8 lbs and 23 inches monday morning at 10:45 on the 16th of January 2006. It took me nearly 5 hours from pushing before I pop him out. It was so hard and painful that I almost agree an epidural for I could not bare the pain anymore. There was about 3 Doctors and 4 midwives attending my labour and almost decided that I should go C-Section. I tried many different position you named it all and only when I stood up leaning to my husband's arms the baby started to pop. That was extremely a hard delivery. But after all, he's all worth it (my cute son). Though he came out with a cone head and very gray as a result of long pushing as you can see through this collage pic I made as a souvenir of his birth. He was not a great looker baby. In my first glance I thought what ugly baby he was but few days later he changed a lot and grown into a very cute and handsome boy on earth.

This is my gorgeous boy at the age of 2 and a half years old - very cute, good looking and smart. He takes after his Daddy and definitely inherited the good sense of humour as well as the brain. He is rather a bruiser though. But my eldest is just truly a sweetheart.

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Monday, 25 August 2008


As much as I love working my earnings still hard to save because I can't help myself from temptation. The husband called me and impluse shopper because I tend to buy things for the sake of buying and simply don't need it at all. But women tend to love shopping more than men. But now summer is about to end, I am pretty sure I'll be back shopping online again. But its not a problem because I can still get pretty much my favourite designs at rocawear such as boots, clothing and any other gear that me and my kids need. Rocawear is the best place to buy back to school stuff. Now, is the best time to shop since back to school stuff are on offer. I will surely shop most of my daughter's back to school things at rocawear. Why wouldn't I? It's the best store that produce really good quality of clothing. There is nowhere else like it.

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75% Recovered

If you have read my previous post, I ranted about my lost photos that got corrupted by virus tonight during downloads. Now, the hubby just sending me the news that 75% is fully recovered but 25% are still 50-50. He is such a great husband that he even spent money to buy data recovery software to keep me shut from whining and whinging about it all night.

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Attention Wine Lovers

This is a call to all wine lovers out there. Sonoma Wine Tours is coming up and this is an event where you shouldn't miss. If you want to taste many quality wines this is the day to look forward to. If you are unsure and doesn't know how to choose a good wine then spending a time with professionals could do a little help. So, why not try to attend this special friendly day at Sonoma Country Wine tours. There are loads of things to learn, to experience from this and apart from tasting at a world class wine you also have a good chance of learning how it is made and even the history on how it grows well in Sonoma. Wanna know why about all these things? So, you should take a trip to Sonoma with partners or friends and learn many of these great things about wines.

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Bank Holiday

I should go sleep now for I will need to get up really early tomorrow and go to work. I was called to work this monday although its bank holiday but since it is an OT which means double pay. I only take overtime during sundays where I can earn twice as much and less hours. Its great and easy money. That is my tactic and hopefully I could save enough to pursue my project this year.

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Chocolate at Gertrude Hawk

I am one of not so many people who are chocolate addict. I think because I grow up from less abundant family where buying chocolates is such a luxury. Whenever we get chocolate gifts from relatives or neighborhood during special occasion only and we never let it set for a night. That is how desperate we are when it comes to chocolate. But now here I am living is a country where chocolate is a daily part of menu. So, I only buy chocolates to send out to my family back home. But I often get them in a place where I can get a cheap deal or bargain but of course it has to be quality and should be the best chocolate and are good enough for them. The place to get them is at Gertrude Hawk Chocolates. They are surely good chocolates gifts.

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Corrupted Files

If you guys asked about our weekend then I would probably say its superb! We had blast weekend fur sure. Yesterday, we went down to Brighton City and had a good stroll around the shops and even managed to buy myself clothes. Hubby treat me to CK stores and so I bought two tops from there. Went to Pilot since it has still a summer sale. I was grabbing anything I like since the hubby was telling me he'll pay for it. I truly enjoyed my shopping spree. Then we went to the seaside and had a good couple of hours playing around. All we could do is throw little rocks on the water as it is very cold and freezing. Then we headed home with a big smile on our face. I've taken loads of good photos from our trip and unfortunately it got corrupted during downloads. Even my photos today from our trip down to Amberley (where PIL lived) was even included. Now, hubby is trying to recover some of it and I hope it works or I'll not be a happy wife otherwise. Right now, I am furious for not being careful. I just love my photos this weekend, I really do but if I lost it all then I can't do anything anymore. Its not the end of the world after all. [SIGH]

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A real Lifesaver

Nowadays, many families get worried about their life future especially to their kids. Most people renting because they could not afford to get a mortgage because of bad credit. Plus the credit crunched hit the world and financial crisis are happening everywhere. House prices clashing and wages are not going up either plus hight tax. What would be the future of our kids? Not so many people survived without having a credit. Most people life's depend on credit until they get into the point where they could not make any loan anymore or afford to pay the interest. This is when credit repair become so handy for many of us because it offers to repair credit. So, now this will help millions of people around the world who are in bad or worst state in life. Whatever their history and bachgrounds when it comes to their credit they would still be given a chance to live their life normally as it used to and even give them a chance to stand own their own feet again. This is what they called bad credit repair that are saving many lives already for helping them get a loan and pay less interest. The website will help you repair your bad credit and surely you would not be paying anymore crazy interest rates for long and you also get approved with almost everything in less complications. Its hassle free so, why look further? This is it, repair your credit and save your life. At is now your new lifesaver. You just sit back and relax and let them do the rest.

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Friday, 22 August 2008

Dead Mouse!

Damn! My mouse just went completely dead and I have to buy one soon otherwise I'll get totally insane using this mouseless lappy. Ohh well, I should get use to it because this is what laptop are for. Blame it to the hubby for he bought my mouse in the first place. My mouse already has its life after a year servicing me. So, I better investigate a better one next time. I'll see what I can get and of course what I can afford since I am skint after shopping for few days with friends. I might even go shopping again tomorrow with SIL (sis in-law). I better get going now otherwise it'll be another sleepless night and I don't want spotty face again this weekend for the sake of my pictorial. [LAUGHS] Sounds like PRO....charrr!

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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Dining Furnitures

It's now a month since we moved in here in our new house and yet we are still lacking furnitures. We badly need a new set of dining table. Hubby has been looking around and yet can't find the one we really want. I saw some Dining Room Chairs in the town but the colour was not right. Just a minute ago I was web browsing about Dining Room Furniture and I stumble upon this website and saw some awesome set and I can't wait to tell the husband this good news. I am sure he would love to see all this amazing dining tables and chairs. The perfect one that we surely agree to buy is the one above. Isn't it elegant and adorable? It would look great to our wooden dining room.

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About two weeks ago when Mister Sunshine was kind enough to come out. The kids were so excited that they nagged me to put up the paddling pool so they can play together. So, here they go, my kids had a blast splashing in the garden.

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Kath's Wishlist

In 2 months time my eldest will be celebrating her 7th birthday and she already listed all the things she wants. As we promised to her she'll get Nintedo Wii and some other stuff on her list. We just bought all the garden toys recently to both our kids to play and enjoy the sunshine. Glad, there is a Shop Wiki where every Mummy can shop any toys they are looking for. Wiki is like a wikipedia or google where they find all the store on the internet. So, whether you look for cheap stuff or expensive at Shop Wiki anything is possible. For sure I'll get most of the things through Wiki. You should too! For my kids, for my family and for everyone else, shop wiki is the best way to shop all over internet.

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Monday, 18 August 2008

High School Life: The Best!

> 1. Do you know exactly your room?
> ► room 121.
> 2. What section are you?
> ► section Saturn (Obviously not the first section kay badlongon man)
> 3. Are you a total stranger in that
> school?
> ► Completely Stranger....
> 4. First person to become your friend?
> ► Iana Jucdong
> 5. Do you still remember your 1st day on high school?
> ► Yeah, I was so shy and could hardly speak a word.
> 6. Your best friend that time?:
> ► Iana, Arlene, Junary, Celedona and Joanna.
> 7. Who is your seatmate that time?:
> ► Iana and Arlene
> 8. Do you have special someone that time?:
> ► No...I was still very naive on that time.
> 9. How many are you in ur class?:
> ► 40 plus

> 10. Favorite teacher?:
> ► Mrs Amaquin my science teacher.
> 1. Your section is:
> ► section 2 forget my section name, hahahaha.
> 2. Name something special happened
> that year:
> ► My first crush became my first boyfriend.
> 3. How many are you then?:
> ► Still 40 plus :(
> 4. Do you have the same classmates?
> ► Nope because it was a different school - I was transferred after I was suspended at my first school.
> 5. Favorite place to hang out:
> ► At school Garden chatting and gossipping.. :D
> 6. Something happened that year?
> ► Too many good things and bad things happened that year!
> 1. Your section:
> ► section 2 gihapon but sorry I forgot sa section name, hehehe.
> 2. Your adviser:
> ► Mrs Rebecca Arreglo
> 3. Favorite place to hang out.
> ► Same at the school Garden.
> 4. Something memorable happened:
> ► Loads of things...
> 5. Hobby that year:
> ► basketball, volleyball and chess.
> 6. Any batch theme song?
> ► Do you know where you going to by Mahoganny
> 1. Your section:
> ► section 1 Hyacint.
> 2. best bud:
> ► Maricel, Maryann, Josephine, Margie T and Margie A
> 4. What thing do you seldom do unlike before?
> ► Hah? What?
> 5. Have you undergo a disciplinary action?
> ► Yes (CAT) Citizen Army Training is one of them.
> name 10 things/person that you'll miss the most.:
> 2. GUARD

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Personalised G-cards

Many time I tried myself into making greeting cards in every occasion but I failed because I felt that my design are not too good enough. But I will keep on trying until I success. On my father's birthday, I was gonna send him personalised greeting cards but I run out of time before I even finish one. How I wish I will the mojo to make this project works but it seems I am more into watching my shows these days. I felt lazy. Anyway, two of my nephews are about to celebrate their birthdays and I am planning to send them presents and greeting cards. I know a website that has this personalised greeting cards service world wide and all I need to pay is the postage only. It is really easy and less hassle and I could use it anytime I want to send greeting cards to anyone I love anywhere around the world. I am so glad that offers this kind of service. So, now we don't need to waste our time making our own one and spend few quid to buy the stuff we need. Now, there is who can do it for us quicker and hassle free. So, what are you waiting go and take a look at it now.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Survey Tuesday

> Do you enjoy other people's drama?
> ► Hmmm, maybe sometimes.
> Does your friendster password have to do with a boy?
> ► Do you have to know? Maybe......
> Are you a girly girl?
> ► Yes
> Small or big purses?
> ► Big
> Do you sleep in your bra?
> ► Of course not...
> Do you dress up on halloween?
> ► With the kids, Yes.
> Where is the weirdest place you have slept?
> ► In the middle of the field.
> Has anyone touched/smacked your butt today?
> ► Not sure
> Do you call anybody by their last name?
> ► Sometimes
> How many guys will read this just because it says Female Survey?
> ► i don't care..
> Do you wear makeup?
> ► A little blush and lip gloss and sometimes mascara and eye liner...
> Ever cried at a movie theater?
> ► Yes, lot of times.
> Can you put on mascara without opening your mouth?
> ► Hmmmmm, always..
> Do you think Ryan Sheckler is cute?
> ► Who is he?
> Have you ever been called a bad influence?
> ► Yes, it's nature, hehehe.

This or That
> Heels or flats?
> ► Both depending on my mode...
> Socks or leggings?
> ► Tights, hehehe.
> Hoodies or jackets?
> ► Jackets
> Heels or sneakers
> ► heels
> .
> Straight or curly hair?
> ► Both (depending on my mode)
> Hoops or dangling earrings?
> ► Both
> Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?
> ► Dark
> Are you currently frustrated with a guy?
> ► Not at all..
> Do you have a best friend?
> ► Yes
> Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery?
> ► Yes
> Do you like your life?
> ► No, but I love my life....
> Ever walked into the guy's bathroom?
> ► Can't remember...
> Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on?
> ► Yes
> Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?
> ► Yes
> Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
> ► yes
> Have you ever not been able to get someone off of your mind?
> ► Maybe...
> Ever have a good feeling about something?
> ► I felt good all the time.
> Do you ever wish you were famous?
> ► Uu naman...
> Cowboy or Gangster?
> ► cowboy
> Preppy or Punk/Goth??
> ► N-O-N-E
> Well-educated or Dropout?
> ► Dropout but well-mannered, lol.
> Contacts or Glasses?
> ► contacts
> Funny or Serious?
> ► both
> Cute or Hot?
> ► i like both
> Long or short hair?
> ► short hair for the guys..
> .
> Good Dancer or Good Singer?
> ► Both
> .
> Smoker or Non-smoker?
> ► i prefer non-smoker
> .
> Has a Motorcycle or Has a Sports car?
> ► Sports car nalang...

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Monday, 11 August 2008

Pushchairs makes our life easier

I had my first child born in the Philippines and there things are so different from here. I had pushchair but we don't use it as much as we do here during my second child. Its because in Philippines there were loads of people or family who prefer to carry the child rather than stock them in a baby pushchairs. It may sound strange but that is the nature in my country. But here when you have a child you are even advice to have a proper pram where the baby can lie down flat as it is good for their back bones. My second child we spend quite a lot on pushchairs as we are trying to buy different kinds of it. One is for travelling with a cot, the other one is for walking at rough roads. We also have one that is for short distance trip and now his latest one is design for toddler. Whereas my daughter had only two baby pushchairs and yet didn't use it that much. I had a friend who just had their baby and I met them today. She asked me about where to buy the best baby pushchair. So, I told him about babythings4u website that offers great baby pushchairs that has a design for every baby. I hope the next time I'll see them they will tell me how great my recommendation is. Actually, they not only sell baby pushchairs but also travel cots, high chairs and etc. So, if anyone wanted a further details please visit now.

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Sunday Outing

Today, we went out shopping and then to Zoo adventure and took loads of photos. It was not a great day because the sun was once again hiding from us and yet it didn't stop us from having fun. But since it is now late here in UK, I have to share the pics later, maybe tomorrow after work or the next day. For now, let me just say thanks to everyone who happen to stumble upon this boring site of mine, lol. Take care all and see you tomorrow again. I hope the internet connection will not go down. It's really driving me nuts these days.

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Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Best Digital Camera Prices

Last time when I bought my first DLSR (actually, is the hubby who paid it) was last year and on that time the 400D was still quite pricey compare now. Well, we never felt ripped off as we get what we pay and I am so much happy about it, regardless. Now, many of my friends came and asked me on where to buy one that don't cost too much anymore. I Honestly, I didn't say a word because I was not sure whether the store where the hubby bought mine was the best place. So, quite frankly I don't want to tell my friends to buy it there but rather go check on digital camera prices first befor deciding which one to buy. That is how it should be done rather than impulse buying then regret it later on. Now, I just realised that the best place to buy one is at where they offer great prices of digital cameras at on that basis they also donate the minimun 25% to charity for good causes. Isn't it great? You'll get the camera you want at affordable prices and you get to help unfortunate people in this world. Auctions is where you can buy a cheap and affordable prices of digital cameras and yet quality and are brand new or good as brand new. When you are a smart shopper then you should think about the best of digital camera prices. So, try auction for more options and choices.

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Saturday, 9 August 2008

One Fine Day on July

It may sound rediculous but as far as I know this is the only nice warm day in the month of July. And since then, there was never sunny day anymore but gloomy and miserable. Is it the end of summer? I felt there is no summer at all. How can it be fair? Makes me want to go back and live in Philippines again. I guess one day is more than enough, I should not complain too much. Anyway, more photos here....Enjoy!

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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Dating 101

A tag by a wonderful Mummy Yenny Girl...thanks guapa!

Vanniedosa herself tag me! Thanks.

Players: Ozzy’s Mom|Me,Myself + 2|Kidd Designs | Fun.Fierce.Fabulous | | Me and Mine | Little Peanut | Pea in a Pod | Creative in Me | Notable Bistro | Sugarmagnolias |Around the World | Simple World of Haze | My Endless Thoughts | Discover Fashion | Kk's Caboodle | A Photogenic Fella | YOUR BLOGS

1. When was your first kiss and where?
..::.. I was 15 yrs old (young and innocent pah, lol).

2. When was your first real relationship and how long did it last?..::..When I was 18 yrs old and beyond and only lasted for couple years then we break-up.

3. What age were you allowed to date?
..::.. Old as I can be, but that doesn't work at all because I got pregnant and married so young but I have no regret at all. Life is about having fun and adventure...(explore and discover)....[LOL].

4. What’s the craziest thing you did (for love) when you were a teenager?
..::.. I would do anything for love.....but I won't do that...(sound familiar?)'s a song lyrics, hehehe.

5. How long was your longest relationship and what’s the secret?
..::.. Now with my husband....were being together now for 6 yrs at least. The secret is.....Love, Faith and Trust...!

6. How long did you date before you decided to settle down?
..::.. We met and dated for almost 9 months then proposed and got married on 8th of June 2003. Now been married for over 5 years and still counting!

7. How did you know he was the ONE?
..::.. Soon after we met.......

8. Now, at what age will you allow your kids(s) to date?
..::.. To be honest, I wanted my kids to start dating at the age of 25 and maybe get married when their 30's, hehehe. I just wanted them to enjoy life before settling because one they're married with kids they'll never be able to go travel alone without tagging along the children. But, it is really up to them, I don't want to be a control freak or dominated mother. It'll be hard but in the end they will have a mind of their own.

9. When it comes to your kids dating, will you be a cool parent or a strict parent?
..::.. It depends..::..

10. What piece of advice can you give to your child when they start dating?
..::.. Be smart enough (especially when decision making comes) and don't give it all, if they know what I mean because, in the end, it'll be them who'll get hurt and as a mother I don't want it to happen. ..::..

Im tagging Emjie, Bb_Anne, Emskie, Ivy, Ritchiela, Joydob, Beth, Lizzie, Norma, Anna and Joy Lutrull

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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I think we Should....

get a direct tv to get the best of our sattelite. Hubby just upgraded our satellite box from 1 to 2 box and pays £20 less than before. They have promotion and we avails in it as we are an old clients. The kids uses the other satellite box upstairs and we use one downtairs so we dont need to watch the same channel everyday. But, what we should get as I keep telling hubby is a direct tv so we could watch many good channels anytime.

Direct TV is a providers that offers a great direct tv packages and services. We could have get the most advanced sattelite dish but hubby said we could always change it soon as we settle in our new place. Or perhaps the next year would be a good timing as we are going to buy a new house at Sutton. For now, we just have to be contented on what we just bought. Direct Tv offers loads of channels to wacth such as sporting channels and etc. From basic to sattelite to the digital DVR and a lot more amazing and super duper high definition HD tv. There is nothing to look for but direct TV at What are you waiting?

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Got a Super Duper Wireless Connection

Since we moved here in our new place, we have troubled getting an internet connection. Hubby set up mine first before him just to make me happy because I missed chatting with my sisters and close friends online for few weeks now. Although we are out a lot as we are going into places to enjoy and have fun and yet I still missed my online world. So, hubby had to do something about it before I get so pissed off. [LOL]

Ohh yeah, I had my wireless connection before in our old apartments and we thought we can get a good use of it as we had before but unfortunately we cannot - its too slow. Therefore, hubby decided to just order another wireless from Virgin Media but it took days before it get to us - and so he bought one at the nearest store for just £30 to use as a temporary whilst waiting the new one to arrive. As quickly and excitedly he tried to use it through his office so he could get a connection for me to be able to finally watch my filipino soap online as I missed too many episode already. But, it still didn't work. Its slower than ever.

Finally, yesterday the ordered arrived and guess what? It is the same as our first wireless. What a pain! Hubby had to rang them and told them if we could return it and get a refund. Luckily they said "YES" - at least we could get our money back, you know £50 is quite a lot. So, hubby had to go out and buy one yesterday soon after he arrived home from work. And he bought this super duper wireless that cost him £200 and now the internet is working fine, finally. There is this saying that, you get what you pay in life. Now, we are trying to sell these 2 other wireless on ebay for the hope we could get our money back as well.

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Store Online Plan

A long time friend of mine was chatting on me via telephone last night and was telling me the great news and accomplishment she had in her life. I am so happy of her success despite all the struggles before. Now, she is a complete independent single Mother who is about to open her second business. And this time she wanted me to be involved with it. Her first business is a restaurant in Makati Philippines and as far as I know this is a huge success and that is where she made fortune. Now, she is about to something different where it caters to worldwide customers - a store online is what she is planning next. She wanted to build an online business and sells goods such as clothing accessories and many othrs. I thought myself that what she wanted foer her store to be independent and attract customers is that she has to focus the good customer service. She needs a complete Storesonline Ecommerce Software for a better way on giving good and fast service to customers when it comes to payment services. It serves the fastest way of commercial services online and that is what customers like the best. I told her the best place to get it and that no doubt at - so I hope I gave her the best of advice here.

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Monday, 4 August 2008

Weekend Recap

Saturday, I was working during the morning and finish exactly at 12 noon. Hubby and the boy picked me up and we just went home and did some organising whilst the girl was having fun on the beach with her uncle James, Auntie Sarah and Oliver. About half passed 6pm we headed to my Mother in-laws place to pick up Kath. She had a lovely time for sure. We had dinner first before we headed back home. Sunday, I had breakfast with my kids and husband before went out to my girly shopping with friends (Bea and Millicent). It was just so nice to have a girly times without the children in tow. I had a great time shopping with friends and bought loads of dresses, tops and shoes. We are planning for another day out without the kids sometime next week. I think we are all enjoying it. After all, we (the Mummies) need a little break from kids. We indulged ourselves with tons of ice cream after the whole day shopping before headed to the bus station. We left after the mall was shutting. It was a fun day indeed.

Now, back to reality and back to working to refill the empty wallets after the big shopping spree.

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Were Surviving

Back years ago when hubby and I lived in Philippines we were once extravagant and end up in debts. Glad, there were saviours on Earth and that I can'nt mention his name but sure is a family related. Hubby was volunter Christian Missionary who serves poor people in Philippines especially in Cebu. He help them through his own money and he was not earning anything by then. After living in Philippines for couple years we had to make a comeback here in UK where he can work and earn money. Gladly, hubby still own a pad where we lived for few years. Despite all that struggles and trials we still have each other's arms and it makes our relationship even more stronger. All this time, I have been living here in UK with hubby and our children, we never tried getting payday advances as we are extra careful of our daily finances. Right now, we just moved in our new home and probably spent thousands of pounds for new furnitures. We are just blessed for all God's bountiful blessings. We dont have a lot but we are more than OK. But I know that there are several people who still struggles for their basic needs in life out there. But they should not lose hope and continue thriving for there are always ways on how to live, earn, and survive. Visit they are great helping hand for short financial purposes or cash emergency.

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It's a Bummer!

Hubby's PC is not working until in two weeks time. I could not do my scrapping, photo downloading and etc. I am so annoyed about it and I have so many photos to share and I wanted to do some layout as well. How irritating! I can't wait to download all the pics I recently captured until hubby's internet connection will work. I could do layout through my laptop but I could not be ask to find my hard drive where I save all my files such as scrapping kits, photos and such. It's really a bummer! Perhaps I should find my hard drive and stop being so lazy bum here. The thing is, I could not be bothered but complaints about for not able to do so. Ohh well, I have to get going now and make some breakfast for the kids before they wake up otherwise they'll get grumpy.

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About Web Hosting

Few months ago I was this hesitant to have my own web hosting package and finding the right one was a daunting task and up to now I still manage to put it off because I am not exactly sure to which one I am going to choice.

Now, I am still on the look out for the perfect web hosting plan but I know I have to be very careful I dont end up regretting the choice I will take therefore I had to read this web hosting articles to help me give idea on how to pick a web hosting plan. Plus, there is also a web hosting tutorials available and I guess this is all I need.

The articles explain it all and it surely removes all the confusion when it comes to web hosting plan decision. You dont need to be rushing, you have to read this articles first and then pursue to what is best for your money.

And of course without the web hosting tutorials everything will be in mess. Therefore, visit now or anytime of the day to get some web hosting ideas and plan.

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Friday, 1 August 2008

My Sis and Dyca (my Niece)

I had this photo grabbed from my sister's friendster and was not sure who the little girl was until I asked my other sister about her. She laughed hysterically and said, don't tell me you don't recognised our niece Dyca anymore? I said, oh well, she looked so grown up now and when I left there she was only a little baby girl who were bald and cheeky. Now, she grown so much bigger and prettier too. So, I was just wondering and making sure it is really her and not that spoiled brat in our neighborhood who I disliked a lot. My sister just laughed instead. [LOL] Now, I believe how time flies! I will be old and dribbly before I know it. Ok, off to work now! See ya guys later. Have a safe Friday!

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Best Diet Pills

In my long previous post I was metioning about dieting because I have noticed and so my friends that I gain weight. I did try eating healthy food since then and even tried some dieting milkshake and even got to the point that maybe I should try some dieting pills. Best Diet Pill can be found at and there you can choose from their best diet pills list in such an affordable prices. So, I told hubby all about it and he quite agree that perhaps not just me who needs it but also him since he is gaining so much weight for the past couple years. We now have to think of making our self fit and healthy at the same time. It has to start sometime and sometine is today. has reviewd over 200 diet pills online from the price range that can be affordable too. If anyone wanted a cheaper one yet effective then at they got what you look for. They have all the type of dieting pills not just one, two, three but many. Shopping online can be confusing, I tell you that. However; have done something about that makes your diet pills shopping better and has removed the confusion away for just reviewing and listing the products that are edible for the customers based on the value, quality, safety and weight loss power. So, it should make us all easy to which one we are going to use.

So, there should never be a confusion again on shopping or picking for the best diet pill as it is easily listed at Now, hubby and I had to start thinking of getting ourselves a treadmill, it is because, after dieting we sure need exercising tools to keep us fit and well-form. Hubby, admitted that he really need some serious dieting as he is getting heavier and heavier everday. But infairness to him, he does loads of walking on his work at it is involved terminal and flight servicing. But, it would be really helpful this best diet pill that we are about to buy at So, if any of you out there who wanted to get fit in a healthy way, you should visit and pick the best diet pill for you.

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