Wednesday, 30 July 2008

WOW Anyone?

Hubby is such a freak when it comes to computer games. He always buy the latest games on time. He is planning to buy wow account sometime this week besides his big television expensed that he manage to splurge out few thousand pounds. OMG! I thought I am the only extravagant in this house for I have so many collection. But as I said he always deserved what he buys for himself as he is the one who bring incomes in this house and provide us with everything we need. That is why when he mention about buying WOW account I didn't react so badly just a little smile showing that I am giving my approval. Ohh well, it is not that expensive and he can use it again and again and have fun whenever he is home. Its even more perfect now that he has his own official spot in the house where he can put his own computer and work concentrately without hearing constant noise from the two monster. And so he is looking forward for his WOW account and can't wait to have it all done.

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