Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Saturday is the Day

I will be as always a busy bee because in a week time we will finally move to our new home. Since, there is a credit crunch selling our property is not in a good time. So, we decided just to let it and move to a bigger house with garden for a year or so depending on the house market situation. Now houses are already dropping prices like the house we are having an eye was on the market few months ago for £500k and now it is already £400k plus. It is £10k or more less than it was on before. And by next year it will drop again and again so we might as well play smart and wait for the perfect timing to buy our next house. So, for now we will be settling to the semi-detached 3 bedroom house with garden and see after a year to buy. The good thing is, we will not lose anything even our flat is losing it's value because we will just jeep it for 5 years (if not more) before we sell it. So, at the moment we will be renting it out. What is good about our flat is, is is located at the very convenient place that is walkable to the town, to the clinic, shopping centre, railway station and school. That is why most of my known friends are fighting to rent it. But for now we do out lot first. Move in to our new place then get this flat ready for our coming tenants. Saturday is the final day of our big move.

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