Sunday, 20 July 2008

We Officially in our New Place

We just move in today but no internet connection yet so, I decided to just leave my lappy here in our flat so I can still check my emails and update my blogs or chat with family and friends online everyday. Ohh dear! How exhausting it is to move from one place to another but I have no big complained because we gain so much space plus a quite reasonable sized garden where the kids can run around even without taking them to park or etc. Having said that, we went to buy garden stuff such as swing, paddling pool, trampoline and many other toys for outdoors. The kids are so much excited about it and can't wait for their Daddy to put it all up.

By the way, we still had loads of things left here in our flat at the moment so we will be moving some tomorrow until this week and on Thursday we will be hiring some Van to move out heavy stuff like furnitures and such. So, that is all for my Saturday and I am sure I will be very busy these days cleaning up and prganising our stuff in the new place. I hope your weekend will be more eventful as ours.

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Shabem® said...

Oh yeah that's a lot of work. We'd moved once from hubby's old pad to where we at now and it wasn't easy as I thought. Organizing stuff takes a lot of time.

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Mommy Haze....

Naku I can relate. Kami din we're still moving stuff after 3 weeks...haha. We still have some things na andun pa din. Then we will have to clean the place....



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Tom said...

Congrats on your new place.