Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A Summer Of Rain

How long will I moan about this b***dy weather of britain? Are we being cursed or what? Why can't we have normal summer like most countries have. Why can't we have a decent sunny days this summer? I feel so betrayed of the season and I am all upset and feeling so down and wanting to go back home. I know I have been here for over 3 years now but still I could not understand how British weather works. I would like to protest with their 4 season weather because for me it is not 4 season at all because I don't feel there is summer nor spring. Oh yeah, call me crazy woman as you like for I moan and get angry with the nature.

What else do I have to say with this crap weather anyway? The reason why I didn't visit my family this summer is because I want to spend summer here in England and go away during winter but how could I now? It seems there is no sunshine to be looking forward to and according to the news weather forecast the next few months could be worst . The weather experts have warned the next few months do not look much better and it could be a wet summer again like last year. I am so fed up walking in the rain and wearing coats all the time. Like today send and picking my daughter to school was freaking cold. Ohh...I had enough of this and ohh who is not?

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lusia said...

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Angie said...

Ulanon jud diay diha ba. Unsaon nalang. Dre pod ug summer inita pod kaayo mangatol atong panit.

Ritchiela said...

Haha,nagprehas nalang diay ta ani reklamo about the weather?Unya lagi ug mouli ta sa Pinas ug init mo reklamo man jud gihapon?Asa nalang ta ibutang ni Lord ani haha.

Maayo unta ba dili na to mahitabo nga nagbaha jud sa part sa England.Nag uwan baya dire gahapon tibuok adlaw ug gabie,I feared jud nga mobaha unsaon nalang.Pero in fairness dili man kaayo jud tugnaw!

rgb said...

Good day! ;) Exchange links? I've already added you on my blogroll..thanks ahead! :)