Monday, 7 July 2008

Still Objects

I like taking pictures of a still objects because for just one flash I can get the shot I need. Unlike shooting children is ohh....a really nightmare. It is hard to get a good shot of my children these days because they get bored so easily and I also give up quite quickly. Oh well......I am born to shot still objects.

Like this Gladiator sandal I just bought few weeks ago. You know that this is a new fashion of summer. This is my only pair because I had gladiator type of shoes before but had sent them away to my siblings back in Philippines. Now, I am on the look out for a new pair or two. How many more shoes do I need? Just one more...........!

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1 comment:

Anah said...

Awesome! Nindot kaayo ang details sa pagkuha sa photos. Photographer jud ka :) Thanks for stopping by!