Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Renovation of our Apartments

We just move in into our new house couple weeks ago and we left our old pad tired and filthy. Hubby and I are very busy organising stuff from one to another, sorting cable connection, gardening and unpacking boxes. What we do not know is we can't afford to leave our apartments empty and no income for months so we need to sort it out soon like window replacing, putting new carpets and new bathroom as well as new ceilings and etc. So far, we've done the Replacement Window Estimate and glad it don't cost that much but we have to do it all at once otherwise it takes more time. Wish we can hire the contractor USA it would have been more cheaper for us. But never mind, its done now and we will just use it next year when we are going to move into a new place again. For now we have to be quick renovating our flat so in a couple months time it'll be all ready for renting out. There are already few clients wanting to move in but unfortunately the pad is not ready yet. Ohh well, we try to be more efficient but there are always some stuff hinders and to be prioritise.

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