Monday, 7 July 2008

Packing to Move

June was busy months for us and I thought July we won't be but it is actually the worst. This month we will be moving house and to be precise in couple weeks time. Honestly, I don't know where to start packing for we have so much stuff or should I say junks. Actually, I already start packing the kids toys and books and for that it filled 10 big boxes already, would you believe? Yes, my kids has so many toys and books as well as DVD's and I don't really know whether we can bring all our stuff in one go. Gladly, we own the place otherwise we would be rushing like a mad dog to bring all our stuff to our new place. We will just move bit by bit and for the mean time we are buying new sets of bedroom furnitures and few appliances.

Hay, this is just the start and I don't know when its going to end. After our move we will be decorating our apartments so we can rent it out. But we are not rushing anyway because we will still need few things to sort out before we put it on the market for rent. Like the windows, the carpets and few other bit and pieces. There few people show interest already but they just have to wait for now. We will do things in a time and hopefully we do it right. Plus, me and hubby are both working but he promised to take a week off from work. I only work part time Monday and Friday and occasionally weekend. So, tomorrow I'll be off working again and have the 2 weekdays off and perhaps continue packing our stuff. Oh well, we will get there in the end.

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