Saturday, 19 July 2008

My Ideal House

Hubby knows what ideal house I would love us to have but I certainly knows what I want I get it later to those who waits and work it out how. For now, we are doing some renovation to our flat to get it ready for letting it by next month. In a year time we probably looking to buy a four bedroom house at Cheam Sutton. Hubby and I are having an eye on this old four bedroom house located nearby the town and schools. Yes, it requires few renovation as well and that is not a problem for we wanted to change all the interior design once it is ours already. We had our plan to make it so presentable to our eyes especially the bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. I have been checking out few websites about fitted bedroooms but no one come as close as Adam Sons. It has the nicest and the most high quality fitted kitchen and fitted bathroom display and their design is just way too classy and sophisticated yet modernised. It has every design that most people would want on their home lifestyle. Price wise? It is up to you to check it out or it can be done with negotiations. Why not visit for they have the best display of interior designs here in UK.

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