Friday, 18 July 2008

My 2nd Layout

Once my scrapping mojo is back I can easily finished layouts after another. In less than 20 minutes I've done two layouts. Just today, I finally have my mojo back and was determine to make 2 layouts before going off to work. They are just simply but cute. [LOL] Love it myself, do you? Credit can be found here....Anyway, I am off now so I'll see you guys later if not, tomorrow. Have a great weekend ahead!

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1 comment:

Ritchiela said...

I wonder who Ezah is,haha.

Maayo diay ka Haze kay ga work,nindot au na ework baya pero work permit lagi ug bantay ni Shiela ang blema.I dont want to put her to creche kay mas mahal haha.