Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Manchester Lettings

It's been 2 years since we plan to move to a bigger place. I was losing hope especially this year that credit crunch has just started and that affects many buyers. We put our flat on the market like a year ago and since then we have so many viewers but only one has made an offer but we declined for some reasons. Until we decided to take it off and just get a to let mortgage and rent somewhere else. So, if you are in the same position then you should do the same thing we did and perhaps you could inquire from Manchester Lettings as well for they sell and let properties in UK. If you are working around that area as well as in Quays then they are the right property agent to go for. They aim for the professional workers on their around Manchester and Quays. So feel free to visit them at www.keypropertiesuk.com.

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