Friday, 27 June 2008

Why Not Use GPS Tracking

I had a friend who cheated her husband through chatting men online and worst doing cyber sex. Her husband was doubting and used GPS Tracking to track her wherever she goes. Just last a year ago when she was found out meeting other guys outside and starting having an affair. The husband decided to divorced her and took custody with their child. It was painful for me to think because there was a child involved on their split-up. But she seems happy with the decisions and could not care less but herself not even to her child. I told my husband about it and he looks and sound so concern that I might do the same because of his work. He gets so busy especially these days that he would not be home till late in the evening, tired and knackered. But I told him not to worry because I am not going to leave him no matter what. And if he is doubting he could used this GPS tracking to track wherever I am and whatever I am doing. But he said, he would not do that. This GPS tracking is so great knowing that you can track not just the cheating wife or husband but also your children or teenagers as well as your employees at anytime, anywhere.

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