Friday, 13 June 2008

Save for Tomorrow

I have been very busy lately and still is. I will have a short weekend this week because on Sunday I'll be out working again. I know it'ss father's day and I already feel bad about it. Oh well, I just have to make it up with hubby in some other days. But anyway, I only work half day so it should be alright and still we can celebrate the Father's day with the kids. We only plan to dine out somewhere in the town. I might go shopping tomorrow for his presents and some other bits of pieces. Too glad, I am being paid today and I have some more cash to spend this weekend, lol. I had already spent £800 two days ago for my siblings school fees back home. So, I don't have enough spare cash to spend for the rest of the month. So, I have to live what I've got left. Poor me! I'm just so lucky to have a part time job or else I would have spent all hubby's money. We are aiming to spend less this year and maybe save more. We have to save for tomorrow and not just live for today, lol.

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