Thursday, 26 June 2008

Pop Bandit

Since I know how to use computer it has been my sole companion especially when I got here in UK. I like reading various news, entertainment, online shopping, and finding out some latest products, musics, and sports. Everything that can be find in internet and there are several websites in where I can specifically find these things too. Like, for instance, the Weeds Season 3 DVD and a lot more. Just couple days ago a friend was asking me to search for something called Tom Petty. I didn't know exactly what he is and who he is, not until I finish researching and the link has guided me to this website called pop bandit. I was really impressed about these site and was thrilled for it has everything that you want to know in the world of internet. SO, I suggested to a friend that he should use pop bandit to track about Tom Petty's event or concerts. He is an American singer, songwriter and a guitarist. I even found Get Smart movie that I wanted to watch. Pop bandit is just the best.

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