Friday, 27 June 2008

Picturing the bottles

Last Saturday, we went to attend party at my friends house. It was her husband's 50th birthday, her son's 18th birthday and her youngest 6th birthday. It was a triple celebration in one party. Many were their visitors from all ages. There were middle age, teenagers and kids. So, the teenagers had their beers and wines and while they were outside in the garden partying, dancing and drinking I was also inside busy picturing the guest. Until I fancied taking shots of the empty bottles when these two girls posing for the thought that it was them who I take pictures with. So, to be polite I pretend that it was them who I was capturing. And after captured them I then
took picture of the bottles. It was so funny......but they didn't know only funny for me. [lol] Here are the shots with the girls and the bottles.

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