Thursday, 19 June 2008

New Purchased

Before our Anniversary hubby and I went for days shopping. It was one of his treat for me as we celebrated our 5th wedding Anniversary. He is so thankful that being marriage for 5 years and been living together for over 6 years we are still so much in love and nothing has change. Anyway, our wedding day is also my sister in-laws birthday (hubby's younger sister). Since it was her 40th the family had gather along and celebrated the eventful day. It was a double celebration and it went well. After fussing which dress to wear I ended up wearing none of hubby's purchased dresses. The white one is a bit too much for the occasion and the floral dress was a like a little girl's dress. I didn't like it and hubby was a little disappointed for he tried so hard to buy what I like. I told him to return it and he said just keep it for my younger siblings instead. I will share the photos later on. Picture above is a dress from Monsoon, click here for details.

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