Sunday, 15 June 2008

Happy Father's Day

Layouts especially made for my dearest husband and father of my kids. And before I log off, let me take this opportunity to great a Happy Father's day to my Papa, to my Father in-laws and to all the Father's in the World.

To my dearest husband, thank you for being a great Father to our kids and for us you are the number 1 Daddy in the world. And to my Papa and father in-laws too, who are always there from the very beginning of our relationship and up to these days to support us all the time. Happy Father's Day!

Layout #1 all from Gisela B Designs
Layout #2 all from Natalie Designs

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Lily said...

Hi Haze,

Happy Fathers day sa imong Hubby,passing by here doing my rounds, its been a while since I do bloghop to all my friends. so now that I got time off I got to hop to all my online friends and thats including you.

Wishing you all a lovely week. take care always. Love the srap you made for ur hubby.

Ritchiela said...

Ka twit sa Misis oy!

Wa man ko ani nga talent asa man ni pangitaon haha...late naman sa pero extend my greetings to your hubby nalang....Happy Father's day!

Ako bana concious au pod ni sa tiyan kay bisan ug flat segi lang push-ups ug unsa pa hikhik...