Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Family Holiday Plan

Me and hubby plan our summer holidays and that we have to go out the country and take a week of or so this August. But we haven't decided yet which European country we would keen to visit. I am thinking to go Paris and take the kids out to Euro-Disney but hubby was offered by a friend to take a holiday to Spain. So, we kind of torn between Paris and Spain. If we choose Spain it would be more cheaper but it doesn't matter if decided to go Paris since there is a reliable Family holidays plan that offers a low prices of hotels, holidays, restaurant and more. So, it would depend upon us or perhaps we have to take the kids choice as well. I am sure they would 100% agree to Disneyland. We will have to wait and see by next month until we can get a decision and also see our budget money. For now, I will just recommend it to anyone who is likely to get a summer getaway soon.

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