Tuesday, 24 June 2008

An Emal from A Friend

I had known a friend for 9 years now. I first met her when I was only 17 years old back in Cebu. She come from Leyte and from then on we get on so well and we became good friends. She had all my support from her first marriage to the second. I also became her eldest son's godmother. Her first marriage was to the American x-military that only lasted 3 years. A year after their divorce she met another man who she had kids now. They been married for nearly 3 years now and blessed with kids. I was so thrilled that she is destined to the same country as me. We been seeing each other quite a lot but we also had our family to be put on priorities.

We been here for over 3 years now but seems our friendship are on the rocks. She seems to get upset and sulked at me for a year then talk to me when she felt like it. The first year she refused talking to me is because I had said something which I never thought it could caused her upset. We make up about last year and we even met in one of the Barrio Fiesta at Hounslow Park. We had fun and I thought our friendship will be recovered but unfortunately she finds another fault again. Since July she decided not to speak to me again. I tried my best to keep in touch to her, sent them cards and trying to ring but I got no reply and had no idea what have I done wrong again.

Today, I tried again because I really want to find out what is wrong of her? I couldn't think of any fault I did to her to make her all upset again. I tried to recall but seems there is nothing. I had opened my email and finally she emailed me.

This is her email........

ok lang me thank's.First of all, I GOT all ur text messages, i know u wonder why i've never had reply.All b'coz if u remember how u ignored us on that july when we went to that festival, if u got dozen of miscalled on ur phone that time,that means we need ur support as a friends or u ask me when you saw a lots of called from us, why we had to call. Specially with children u know, but we got no answer.When we got to where we parking! our car's gone, someone toke it away, harry n cesc start crying co'z thier getting tired.All we want is to ask how to get a train or maybe u n ur husband can drop us to the garage where the car is. By the way! its not ur responsibility, all we ask are a real friends, THATS ALL!sorry my english not quite good, just learning...................hehehehehhhhhh.And sorry i had to reply ur text by email, haven't got no credit on my mobile. hope u understand my message if theres a little bit to make u upset.hope ur children are fine n good healht.

She is a very nice person and I love her to bits. I treated her like a sister and always apologise to her although I think it's not my fault. I don't know why she seems to be all upset about it. Why can't she just listen my side of story why I hadn't answer her phone calls on that time. I clearly didn't hear it for it was not a miscall if I did. I probably had my phone in silent since we are too tired from the event all day.

They park in the wrong place and we already warned them that it was not a good idea. But if it happens, it happens. I would have given willingly my help and support if I heard their call. I can't remember now if I had a miscall or not but if I had then I probably tried to return the call but she already then decided to stop talking to me. From then on I was left waiting and wondering again for the second time. I am not sure whether I apologise this time for I clearly didn't do anything bad to cause all her upset. It says more about her than me. If she thinks that I am not a real friend because I had missed her call for help then so be it. I am so feed up to be so patience and all forgiving whenever she sulked. It is about time that she needs to grow up. She is 5 years older than me and she should act matured and not so childish. She has to consider how I feel for not knowing it and consider why I had missed all the calls. I don't know I have no idea what to say to her and according to hubby, it is not worth to make-up. What you guys think?

Sorry for my ranting............

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