Thursday, 19 June 2008


Yesterday, we finally went and see the house and I was so disappointed because the bedroom decorations were not that good. The kitchen look and set-up was so 1970's and I didn't like it nor hubby. So, we decided to keep looking and hoping for the right house to come in couple months time. It doesn't matter if we stay a little bit longer here in our small place rather than to move to somewhere else that we are not keen on the interior design and yet we are not allowed to re-decorate it either since we are only planning to rent out for a year and a half. We also rent our place and one thing we need before renting this out is a new appliances, washing machine for instance, dishwashers and few others. We plan ordering a Bosch WAE24363GB from hughsdirect since they will deliver it right away at anytime. They also sell any Bosch products in such a low prices. What could be a better place that hughsdirect plus they offer a 3 years extended warranty.

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