Saturday, 28 June 2008

Bungee Bounce

I am blessed and thankful that we can always take the kids to have fun and enjoy. When I was young it is so rare that my parents would take us to something like this. I never had fun rides in my younger years. All I can remember is riding with the cows, that was it. But I have a fond memories of my childhood. We may not be rich but we are happy and contented. But of course, I had a dream and that dream is when I am a mother I would make sure I can give to my kids the things I haven't had when I am a child. So, I am happy that seems so far I am not failing yet. My only fears for my children is when they hit teenagers. Oh well, that when I can measure how good mother I will be. So far, I can say that I am not bad at all. Hubby always says that I am such a great mother but I will only believe it in 7 to 10 years time.

Anyway, as much as we can, we always try our best to spend quality time to our kids. We usually take them during weekends to have something fun or stay at home watch movies together. When there is entertainment and fun in the place that we can easily drive, we would not hesitate to go and take them. They only not need a fun rides but also quality time from us. Sharing Kath's best shots during her bungee bounce ride.

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Friday, 27 June 2008

Best High Chairs

I am a mother who always make sure my kids have everything they need. The time that they are born I always make sure they are well-provided and always safe until now. Both have different toys, different furnitures and etc. I have one girl and a boy therefore they had to be different especially in colours. I am very specific when it comes to kids stuff. My Kath had her first pink high chairsoon as she knows how to sit. My son had had her one that is colour blue.

It is one of the thing that kids need and for their safety as well while they are eating. It is good to teach them how to sit properly at dinner time. My kids are not perfect but are taught that whenever we eat it has to be done in the table. Part of teaching them good manners too. Until now, my son still sit on his high chair. He never would eat anywhere unless its in his high chair. Kids learn and do follow routines. That is you parents our there you should always look for the best high chairs online at as they provide the best high chairs that best for you babies.

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My Boy on the Train

Last weekend there was a fairground in the town. The kids got so excited for they can go and have fun with the rides. One of my son's favourite rides is this kids train. He always asked Daddy if he could ride it again and again. But one thing Daddy would hesitate to let him ride because he would never sits still. He stands or move around that scares us, he might fall and ended hurting himself. He has to learn to behave himself but seems he just nod whenever he is told but continue doing it. Hay, toddler is such a pain in the neck.

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Telemarketing Lists

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Photos and Scrapping

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Why Not Use GPS Tracking

I had a friend who cheated her husband through chatting men online and worst doing cyber sex. Her husband was doubting and used GPS Tracking to track her wherever she goes. Just last a year ago when she was found out meeting other guys outside and starting having an affair. The husband decided to divorced her and took custody with their child. It was painful for me to think because there was a child involved on their split-up. But she seems happy with the decisions and could not care less but herself not even to her child. I told my husband about it and he looks and sound so concern that I might do the same because of his work. He gets so busy especially these days that he would not be home till late in the evening, tired and knackered. But I told him not to worry because I am not going to leave him no matter what. And if he is doubting he could used this GPS tracking to track wherever I am and whatever I am doing. But he said, he would not do that. This GPS tracking is so great knowing that you can track not just the cheating wife or husband but also your children or teenagers as well as your employees at anytime, anywhere.

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Picturing the bottles

Last Saturday, we went to attend party at my friends house. It was her husband's 50th birthday, her son's 18th birthday and her youngest 6th birthday. It was a triple celebration in one party. Many were their visitors from all ages. There were middle age, teenagers and kids. So, the teenagers had their beers and wines and while they were outside in the garden partying, dancing and drinking I was also inside busy picturing the guest. Until I fancied taking shots of the empty bottles when these two girls posing for the thought that it was them who I take pictures with. So, to be polite I pretend that it was them who I was capturing. And after captured them I then
took picture of the bottles. It was so funny......but they didn't know only funny for me. [lol] Here are the shots with the girls and the bottles.

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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Pop Bandit

Since I know how to use computer it has been my sole companion especially when I got here in UK. I like reading various news, entertainment, online shopping, and finding out some latest products, musics, and sports. Everything that can be find in internet and there are several websites in where I can specifically find these things too. Like, for instance, the Weeds Season 3 DVD and a lot more. Just couple days ago a friend was asking me to search for something called Tom Petty. I didn't know exactly what he is and who he is, not until I finish researching and the link has guided me to this website called pop bandit. I was really impressed about these site and was thrilled for it has everything that you want to know in the world of internet. SO, I suggested to a friend that he should use pop bandit to track about Tom Petty's event or concerts. He is an American singer, songwriter and a guitarist. I even found Get Smart movie that I wanted to watch. Pop bandit is just the best.

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What Reptile Are you?

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You can get wound up easily over things that really don't matter much.

This is the result of this blog thing test...........interested to know yours? Why not grab this?

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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Family Holiday Plan

Me and hubby plan our summer holidays and that we have to go out the country and take a week of or so this August. But we haven't decided yet which European country we would keen to visit. I am thinking to go Paris and take the kids out to Euro-Disney but hubby was offered by a friend to take a holiday to Spain. So, we kind of torn between Paris and Spain. If we choose Spain it would be more cheaper but it doesn't matter if decided to go Paris since there is a reliable Family holidays plan that offers a low prices of hotels, holidays, restaurant and more. So, it would depend upon us or perhaps we have to take the kids choice as well. I am sure they would 100% agree to Disneyland. We will have to wait and see by next month until we can get a decision and also see our budget money. For now, I will just recommend it to anyone who is likely to get a summer getaway soon.

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Latest Photos

This is the Canyon at my friend's house. It is one of her house decors at her living room and I find it fascinated so I made a shot out of it and gladly it came out really well. I used my EFS Lens 55-200mm.

The same to this sail boat display at my friend's house on Saturday. It was a nice home decor and a good theme for my weekend Snapshots.

This is Nicole's hand, one of the celebrant on Saturday's event. We are invited and glad I finish work early otherwise I would have missed all the goodies. I had great time and so does everyone including my kids and husband.

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Software Blog

I am looking for a cheap software in which I can use it to our both computers here at home. I have tried finding the right one until I stumbled upon to a software blog that sells a discount software as well as a norton internet security 2008. It is a perfect place to purchased one since it has everything I am looking for plus I can get it really cheap.

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A Priceless Smile

My son is always a very happy fella. She smile a lot and with his charming face that draws people to admire him. She has that angelic face and match with a naughty look. He is a teaser but also a sweet and funny little boy. He is indeed a very good nature baby. His blog, just click it....

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Restaurant Inventory Tracking

Own a business or perhaps a restaurant? Having trouble on your budget and experienced a shortage of revenue's and profits? Find it hard to keep or organise? If so, then why don't you consider having this restaurant inventory tracking? It would definitely do good on your restaurant business from running the wages, expenses and especially on budgeting and controlling the money going out and in. This is the best and safest way to track your keep your restaurant running smoothly in less hours. It does make operations streamlined and leave you without sweats. To all hospitality industry business, all you need is a complete control of your management systems and only you can deal with all of that by simply trusting design-logic company that offers a management solution data base to all industry business. So, go and visit them them at

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An Emal from A Friend

I had known a friend for 9 years now. I first met her when I was only 17 years old back in Cebu. She come from Leyte and from then on we get on so well and we became good friends. She had all my support from her first marriage to the second. I also became her eldest son's godmother. Her first marriage was to the American x-military that only lasted 3 years. A year after their divorce she met another man who she had kids now. They been married for nearly 3 years now and blessed with kids. I was so thrilled that she is destined to the same country as me. We been seeing each other quite a lot but we also had our family to be put on priorities.

We been here for over 3 years now but seems our friendship are on the rocks. She seems to get upset and sulked at me for a year then talk to me when she felt like it. The first year she refused talking to me is because I had said something which I never thought it could caused her upset. We make up about last year and we even met in one of the Barrio Fiesta at Hounslow Park. We had fun and I thought our friendship will be recovered but unfortunately she finds another fault again. Since July she decided not to speak to me again. I tried my best to keep in touch to her, sent them cards and trying to ring but I got no reply and had no idea what have I done wrong again.

Today, I tried again because I really want to find out what is wrong of her? I couldn't think of any fault I did to her to make her all upset again. I tried to recall but seems there is nothing. I had opened my email and finally she emailed me.

This is her email........

ok lang me thank's.First of all, I GOT all ur text messages, i know u wonder why i've never had reply.All b'coz if u remember how u ignored us on that july when we went to that festival, if u got dozen of miscalled on ur phone that time,that means we need ur support as a friends or u ask me when you saw a lots of called from us, why we had to call. Specially with children u know, but we got no answer.When we got to where we parking! our car's gone, someone toke it away, harry n cesc start crying co'z thier getting tired.All we want is to ask how to get a train or maybe u n ur husband can drop us to the garage where the car is. By the way! its not ur responsibility, all we ask are a real friends, THATS ALL!sorry my english not quite good, just learning...................hehehehehhhhhh.And sorry i had to reply ur text by email, haven't got no credit on my mobile. hope u understand my message if theres a little bit to make u upset.hope ur children are fine n good healht.

She is a very nice person and I love her to bits. I treated her like a sister and always apologise to her although I think it's not my fault. I don't know why she seems to be all upset about it. Why can't she just listen my side of story why I hadn't answer her phone calls on that time. I clearly didn't hear it for it was not a miscall if I did. I probably had my phone in silent since we are too tired from the event all day.

They park in the wrong place and we already warned them that it was not a good idea. But if it happens, it happens. I would have given willingly my help and support if I heard their call. I can't remember now if I had a miscall or not but if I had then I probably tried to return the call but she already then decided to stop talking to me. From then on I was left waiting and wondering again for the second time. I am not sure whether I apologise this time for I clearly didn't do anything bad to cause all her upset. It says more about her than me. If she thinks that I am not a real friend because I had missed her call for help then so be it. I am so feed up to be so patience and all forgiving whenever she sulked. It is about time that she needs to grow up. She is 5 years older than me and she should act matured and not so childish. She has to consider how I feel for not knowing it and consider why I had missed all the calls. I don't know I have no idea what to say to her and according to hubby, it is not worth to make-up. What you guys think?

Sorry for my ranting............

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Pharmacy that makes a Life Easy

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It is the easiest way to buy any medication you need via online and the assurance to deliver it right at your doorstep with a 100% percent guarantee. So, rather driving along to the town now you can do it online and it's considerably cheaper. It is high quality. All it takes is to give out your prescription and the medicine you need then they sure will approve all your orders with a quick shipping delivery guarantee. And plus there is a rewards programme that even makes it more exciting. So, what are you waiting? Go and visit this licensed pharmacy now and become a member to benefits all the goods and help you save a lot.

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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Food on Father's Day

These was just some of the food we ate during Father's day and it was taken place at the China Town Restaurant nearby. It was just a very simple buffet menu, though it cost us a lot but at least we all had a great time eating and after all it was a celebration. We thought we ordered too much but that is always the thing where our eyes is bigger than our stomach. [LAUGH]

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Friday, 20 June 2008

Father's Day Photos

As promised, I would share our pictures during father's day. So here it is... It was taken place at New China restaurant. Just few of our photos otherwise you'll be bored looking if I'll share the rest. [Lol] View my photohunt entry here. Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to bed now...gotta get up early tomorrow for work.

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Thursday, 19 June 2008

The Garden Office

Who wouldn't dream of having a garden office? A place where you can work peacefully, a place where you can be at your own little world. A place where most people would likely to spend the rest of their days. If given a chance and if we have all the money in the world hubby would not doubt to have a garden buildings. It is one of his little luxurious dream in life to have and be able to work without any disturbance from kids. A garden office where he can have peace and quite and perhaps spend a time of his own. The offers a high quality of garden building designs. It would not be impossible for hubby to build one but he has to wait until we have a big house of our own and that is couple years from now. When he have a garden office, he would have the choice to transfer all his books into it and leave our living room more space to move around. That is one of the big advantage when having a garden office because it will surely give us the space we needed.

This is what designs hubby wants for his garden building and I am sure he will go for it if he have option but as of the moment our priority is to move house and think in couple years time we can think about building a garden office. And sure we will not look further but What I really love about the garden escape designs and building materials is that it is made of pure wood and the sophisticatecation it looks, it certainly worth having. It would be a dream come true for hubby once he will have the garden office where he can work without pressures of getting up and rushing early in the morning and afraid of getting late for the meetings and so on. He could have then have the healthiest work lifestyle than he could not find in any office that his company provides him. Since, he works most of his time at home, he might as well think and sure worth investing for a garden office. That is why he is glad to know that the garden escape can do the job for him when the time comes. Everyday I can see hubby's frustration on how desperate he is of having his own office where he can separate his work time and family time without constant distraction.

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My New Lens

Hubby bought me another lens and it is indeed the lens that I wish for. It is the Canon 100mm F2.8 EF MACRO USM Lens that take an awesome shot. I am so happy that I finally got it and soon I will have 4 lens in all but I don't think I'll be using my ordinary lens that much now. Tomorrow hubby will try to order this EF50mm f/1.4USM from his work since he can get a 20% staff discount. At the moment he is working in Heathrow Airport and there is a curry's store in where he bought my Macro lens. They don't have this f/1.4 in stock but they can order it for him. So, he will try to order one more lens and it is my f/1.4 that will surely gives a crisp shot or a very sharp shot. I can't wait, I'm so excited.

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