Friday, 23 May 2008

Will be Working Late

Today, I will be working till 9pm because my manager rang me yesterday if I could extend my regular shift for 2 hours at least. Of course, typical me who never learn how to say "NO". For me saying "NO" is a big deal especially when it comes to my job. My manager loves me because rarely I say NO at all. I make sure I don't work this weekend because I want to spend time with my little one as will as with hubby. Because by monday I will be working the whole day again. Huh, it sure tiring but there is no such easy way to earn money. Gladly, my daughter have a week off from school so we will have so much time to go have an adventure, if the weather permits. And oh, our weather this weekend is not so great according to the forecast yesterday. It'll going to be below 10 degress and rainy, lol. So, we will see what we can do by then. See ya later guys and wish you all a very happy friday!

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