Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Unusual Weather

Last weekend it was unusual weather for May that hits 24 degrees about 75 fahrenheit. It feels like summer already that is our normal summer temperature. On Saturday we went out shopping and dining at our favourite Italian restaurant and then head to MIL house for some fun. The kids had a blast in little paddling pool in Granny's garden. (Will share the pics later on)

Before heading to shops, we had a little fun at our backyard and making some daisy chain. It was a beautiful day for picking daisy's and dandelion. My daughter had a great time as well as my little fella. Here are some shots at our backyard.

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♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Kadako na sa imo bugoy uy. Very cute!
Lovely photos of you all.
Just passing by!

John said...

Hi, Haze, thanks for the visit.
These pics of yours are better than you probably realise. The daughter one is a great pose that reflects the mothers looks. It is a very natural pose, which is hard to get from a child.
Your son has the intense look of someone hurrying to catch up!
And of course, your own pic, with the slightly embarrassed look and the hand coverage - yes, I noticed it - very natural and instinctive!
Have a great weekend.

Lolli said...

awww ka gwapa sa imong lil princess dame liwat sa mommy gwapa si baby boy liwat sad sa iya daddy :) nice shots dame, :)

Ritchiela said...

I like your photos....

The weather is changing,I was shivering today as I went out to shop...arggggggg!