Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Social Sparks is now Live!

SocialSpark is now Live, do you know that? Yes, they are now live and we should be that excited. Oh well, I am and Im sure other who happen to have their account already are much, much delighted. Basically, this is a website where you can register and creat your very own profile and get connected with other great bloggers. Plus, you can all make friends with advertisers and many more. This is the great way of learning and getting to know each of the people in this blogosphere. What more, you can also submit your blogs and make money with it, soon as your blogs get verified you are good to accept opps blog away!

Through social parks I only not gain friends but also I gained traffics into my blogs as well as met some great bloggers who have own one, two, three and several blgos like me. Some have great and interesting post that caught my interest too. Anyway, I picked out one favourite out of my friends list and it happens to be foxymom. As I said I adored this woman and all her great motivation to accomplish everything in life. Got to love her dgital scrapbooking and her photography. Learn a lot from her and her socialsparks profile is good as you can see. So, if you are convinced to register then don't forget to add me up at dashing beauty and perhaps do me some props, lol. So, shall I see you at socialsparks especially now that they make it even more exciting? SS, is now live peeps, so exciting, isn't it?

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Relax Max said...

Hello Haze. I like your blog. I was reading your personal information and saw the song "Imagine" by John Lennon. I am glad you like that song to. I was attracted to your info because I had just done a post which was a lot about John Lennon, last week, and I used the same words from his song that you did.

Of course, since you live in Britain, I would love to have you stop by and contribute to BritishSpeak if you can. We are discussing cultural differences now, and mostly are talking about food. Come over and tell me about what ethnic foods you find most interesting where you live.

Nice blog. I'll be back. :)

PS-I like your header a lot. You sure are a pretty lady!--if you don't mind a little doggie telling you that. :)

Sorry for the duplicate comment. I think the first one messed up and didn't go through right.

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Pastilan na starring man akong SS profile here haha..
Thank you!