Monday, 26 May 2008

Savings Account

The 29th of June will mark my first year at work. Though I only work as a part time but as far as I know my colleagues treated me so well. They had been very efficient and great to me the whole year. The whole year I don't have that much savings yet because I choose to help financially with my family back home. The second year I plan to open a Savings Account which I can set aside some amount every month. Hubby and I already have joint savings account but I wanted one for myself alone just to see how much I can save the whole year with my own salary. Because, as of the moment, I only have a classic debit card where I use quite a lot for my shopping bills. Not much for saving, is there? So, the best place to open savings account is at WAMU because they offer lots of online savings benefits which includes free online banking, free electronics statements, no monthly service charge, easy access to funds and ATM and a whole lot more. I think this could be the only way I can save some of my earnings. I want to save for the future holidays, future visits to my homeland and any other purposes of my savings account. I do need to learn about budgetting so I can save every month. Too glad, there is WAMU whom I can open savings account online without service charge.

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