Sunday, 25 May 2008

Pretty Bad Weather here

We are lucky enough for the last couple weeks to have a pretty good weather but after that it's all rain and cold breeze of winds. It is very cool outside for 2 weeks now and pretty wet. Today was a little ok but very chilly still. Tomorrow is another wet and rainy Sunday. If tomorrow will rain its ok because I would be at work the whole day. It is bank holiday however I was asked by my manager to work for extra. I hope I get paid extra as well, lol. I should get double pay. I'll be working from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm which is for me is a long hours but at least I get to wear my own clothes and not uniform as long as it is something yellow or orange to bring sunshine at work. I hope we get sunshine sometimes or reasonable warm weather at least 65 fahrenheit because at the moment we are as low as 45 f. I am dying for a warm weather, com'on England give us sunshine please!

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john said...

Hi, I was 32 when I left England, and as for as I can remember, summer was one weekend long!
It seems to be either cloudy or actually raining, and once clear, windy and cold.
But, it is worth it, not a bad spot in the world to live!
Have a great week.