Saturday, 24 May 2008

Paddling Pool

Couple weeks ago we had a little heatwave that reached 75 fahrenheit. On that time the kids went to their grandparents house and played hours on the paddling pool that Grandad had set for them. They both had a great time if only I was there the whole time to enjoy it but unfortunately I was at work. I came later just in time for them to finish having fun. Anyhow, the kids had so mch fun and of course Daddy enjoyed snapping and capturing the perfect moments. And here's the photos!

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Nita said...

wow ka enjoy nila tan-awon. musta na gwapa? karon lang ko kabalik og laag dire kay busy hehe.

have a great weekend!

stev & emz said...

wow! maau pa dira sis Haze.. medyo init na. diri oi 42 highest 50. lagot kaau tugnaw ang akong giti pirmi. hehehe.. ka cute pud sa mga kids oi. enjoy dyud sila. lami muadto ug beach no?