Thursday, 29 May 2008

My New Layouts

These are my layouts for tonight. I decided to do some scrapping instead of making money online. PPP upsets me a lot and the reason is, they keep banning me in every opps I take. So, I lost my interest because I thought there is no point of staying late and yet achieve nothing. Oh well, they still paid me thought but that is not my point. It is the numbers of bans I received and with no particular reason. I think they're being unfair and if they would say it's because of my bad grammar then I would be happy to accept the fact, at least they'd tell me so. On that way, I can find ways to improve. Actually advertisers sucks too! I better stick with my work....less hours more money. Anyway, there is more to life than blogging, lol. Yupp, that how upset I am. I know I can still earn from other organisation so, I would just take this things under control. Gladly, digital scrapping has always here to entertain me. I don't rely from blogging since my PR dropped to Zero and now that it is back is when the PPP and advertisers play games. Such a bugger!

Anyway, so much for my ranting. Here's my latest layouts.....enjoy!

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Angie said...

Nice scraps Haze. Keep it up!

Shabem® said...

Simply gorgeous. I love it!
Have a great weekend pod diay.