Friday, 9 May 2008

My first Photo Blend Ever

I must say having PSE is worth buying, I will recommend it to anyone who love scrapping and image editing. I have always admired people who have done great works on scrapping and image editing as well as blending and now I did it myself. I was saying to myself that one day I will know how to blend photo and yes it is indeed fun and I was having a great time doing it. This is my proper photo blending using PSE. Although it ain't perfect yet but I am proud of myself for doing so. Great tutorials I found from this link and I find it very useful and easy ot follow. So, here it is proudly showing my first photo blend!

Anyhow, I managed to do a bit of layout today and it should be for my Scrap Addict Sunday entry but since I am late so I decided to just post it here instead. Credits will be later!

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texas_sweetie said...

hala believa jud naku nimo igata ka oi.kanindot bas binuhatan.maau ka oi ky bisan naa ka work ug naay mga bato ka manage pakag scrapping ug gema gema sa u pics..nahan lagi ko anang imong naas babaw ng kamo duha simon mura man ka pro oi perting nindota pagkahimo man ... tsk tsk grabi wala akong masabi

ethel said...

awww ka hawod nimo ug scrappin dame uy nice kaayo.
happy weekend!

Joy0z said...

hello agi ko sa maanyag nga balay Haze..Happy Mothers Day

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

This is a cool project Haze.
Happy Mother's Day!