Monday, 12 May 2008

Month of May: Brought the Good Weather

It has been remarkably good weather we get for the past couple of weeks and I am enjoying it a lot and take the most out of it because we don't really know what we get tomorrow or the next day. England's or Great Britain is fairly unpredictable weather so I have to enjoy whenever the Sunshine hits on us. I must say that May this year has brought the very good weather compared last year where it was all cold, wet and miserable. Today we hit the hottest day of May about 24 degrees which is 75 fahrenheit at our county considering it is the hottest place in England. Huh? Love it and I hope the weather stays for the rest of the spring and summer. I am really thankful for the great weather so far and of course we did loads of outdoors activities. So content at the moment. Tonight our weather drop down to 10 degrees so, a little bit cooler than the day time, hehehe. Just a little, eh!

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