Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Devide Servers

The more I get involved with blogging and computing the more interested I get in IT generally and technology, maybe I am becoming a cyber geek haha recently I started looking over Servers and how they run networks. I am not pretending I have suddenly become an expert, but it is an interesting subject (no I dont like Star Trek!! thats my hubby haha) and I found this great site, well blog really which explains the whole idea behind dividing up your servers and why, dont you just stop and think sometimes about how amazing technology is today, when I think of when I grew up and what we had at home and now see what my kids take for granted it is just awesome and this blog just makes a really good read about why it is worthwhile dividing your servers and how it helps yous, go on check out divide servers , learn somethng and enjoy, I did :)
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